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The Business of Open Source Communities, Products and Ecosystems

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Smith Tower

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This will be in the Samsung office in Suite 1140

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Join us for our inaugural Open Source Entrepreneur Network meetup in the Seattle area. This will be a chance to meet and talk to experienced open sourcerers in the area. Come and trade best practices and anti-patterns with others looking to make the most of their open source experience. Open Source has transformed the technology world, and this is your opportunity to learn from the best. This meetup will feature the following speakers:

There is no Open Source Business Model

Stephen Walli ( Open source business consultant and long-time open source advocate at Microsoft, Outercurve, HPE, and Docker. Twitter: @stephenrwalli (

There are best practices to understand when building products from open source software, but there are a number of anti-patterns that crop up along the way. Product teams (from engineering to marketing) need to understand these patterns and practices to participate best in open source project communities and deliver products and services to their customers at the same time. These patterns hold regardless of whether the vendor created and owns the project or participates in projects outside their control.

Building a business on OSS - whats in it for the community

Steve Mayzak ( VP Solution Architecture at Elastic. Twitter: @smayzak (

Steve will talk about his experiences working for Open Source companies and how the search for the best business model continues. He has worked at Springsource and now Elastic and built teams of Solution Architects. His goal has been to bring the best combination of OSS and Commercial software to the community to create a mutually beneficial relationship. Whats good for the community has to be good for the business and vice versa.

How to Utilize a Community Distribution in a Cloud Native Context

John Mark Walker ( long-time open source product, ecosystem and community expert and founder of the Open Source Entrepreneur Network ( Twitter: @johnmark (

In olden times, when we used IRC and liked it, there were several steps along the way from creating an open source project to releasing a product. Some of these were artifacts of the (lack of) tooling of the time, such as the need to assemble pieces into a whole before releasing as a product. That "first cut" of distribution became a community project in itself. Now that we have better, automated tooling for development, you may be fooled into believing that this "first cut" step is no longer needed. Au Contraire! John Mark will demonstrate why this is still necessary with examples from Fedora, CloudFoundry and Moby.

Food and beverages will be served!