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OSHO LA is dedicated to spreading Osho’s work in LA by organizing OSHO meditations and workshops in the Los Angeles area. It is our wish to build community among friends of OSHO and to reach out to new friends. We particularly are fond of OSHO Dynamic Meditation and OSHO Kundalini Meditation and wish to share them with you.

It is our vision to create a center that offers daily OSHO meditations, workshops and trainings as seen in other cities around the world.

"You cannot become a saint, because if you want to become a saint you will have to deny your devil; you will have to cut yourself into two parts. You will have to force your devil somewhere into your belly, and the devil will remain there and will go on sabotaging your sainthood….When you accept both the good and the bad and you don’t choose, the bad and good cancel each other; the positive and negative cancel each other. Suddenly there is silence; there is neither good nor bad; there is only Existence, with no judgement….."

OSHO, Zen: The Path of Paradox, Vol. 1, Chapter 4

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