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Dynamic Meditation
Move your body, relax your mind! Breathe, express, jump, freeze and dance with Dynamic Meditation! Dynamic Meditation is a wonderful meditation technique which has helped thousands of people around the world find inner calm, emotional balance and live a happier and healthier life. Meditation doesn't need to be tense sitting with achy bums and a whirling mind - something not exactly ideal after a day of high stress work spaces and mouse pointers imprinted on your retinas. Dynamic Meditation will get you moving, shaking and breathing in a totally different way, give your self a treat and come along. What people say: watch this VIDEO ( ) What to bring: • Dynamic needs to be done on an empty stomach (no solid food at least 2 hours before, ok tea/coffee) • Wear loose clothes • Bring a blindfold CONTRIBUTION: £15 cash / £16 card


120 Cromer Street, London WC1H 8BS · London

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We are passionate about sharing Osho Active Meditations - modern meditation for modern people.

Osho Active Meditations is the answer to stress and sedentary lifestyle. It combines the benefits of fitness and meditation. ​Your body needs movement, your mind needs relaxation.​

It involves fast breathing, body movement, emotional expression, shaking and activation of energy.

It is a high-intensity meditation and a high-energy workout.

​Osho Active Meditations can help you perform better in real life, and improve your health & wellbeing.

​Come along and join us in our next EVENT ( .

Move and Meditate!

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