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“I have been volunteering with OUR HOUSE for 13 years and I am constantly amazed at how fulfilling it is being a Group Leader. I believe that I am getting as much out of the groups as the group members and have found it an honor and a privilege to accompany so many through their journey with grief.” - Ellen, Our House Volunteer Volunteer group leaders are extraordinary people who make a big difference in the lives of grieving children and adults. OUR HOUSE is able to serve thousands of people every year thanks to the dedication and generous hearts of our volunteers. Our volunteers co-lead groups in the evenings in our West Los Angeles and Woodland Hills locations or during the day in various school sites in the greater Los Angeles area. We ask for a minimum one year commitment to co-lead a group every other week in-house or once per week for short-term groups held in the schools/community locations. In addition, all volunteers attend group supervision conducted by our Clinical Staff once every other week. The average time commitment, including group meeting time and supervision, is about 10-15 hours per month. Here's a video with our clinician Lauren Schneider. In the video, she talks about how children grieve differently than adults. The video should give you a feel for OUR HOUSE and the kind of work we do: If you are interested in becoming a volunteer group leader, please complete the on-line application. We will contact you to set up an in-person interview. If accepted, you will complete our 22.5 hour training program (4.5 additional hours for school group leaders). CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE APPLICATION ( The 3-day training consists of: Grief Education Awareness of your own grief process Understanding the OUR HOUSE model Learning and practicing group leader skills Following the training, those who are selected to become volunteer group leaders, will be asked to complete a Livescan (electronic fingerprinting for background check) prior to group assignment and yearly thereafter. ----------------------- FAQs Do I need experience? Group leaders at OUR HOUSE do not need any prior experience, nor do they need a clinical or professional background in bereavement, counseling, or education. Once you have submitted an application you will be contacted for an interview, and if accepted, you will be invited to attend our three-day training that will prepare you to be an effective and compassionate group leader. What does it mean to co-lead a group? OUR HOUSE groups are led by two co-leaders who work together to create a safe environment for group members. What is the purpose of group leader supervision and why is it mandatory? Group leader supervision is an opportunity for group leaders to come together to receive ongoing education and support from our clinical staff and their peers. The purpose of this mandatory supervision is for group leaders to continually learn to grow in their role as a group leader.

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