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This songwriting workshop is for musicians, artists, and songwriters 16 to 100+ years of age. Hosted by SESAC's up & coming singer-songwriter, Chris Lyric, in conjunction with rising entertainment group, OUTCAST Ent. The mission of this songwriter's group is to share, co-create, grow together, publish, place, and license a consistent flow of fresh material. Yes, that means making money from your music, if you're aren't already. If you are not already affiliated with either SESAC, ASCAP, or BMI; OUTCAST Ent. would like to extend a hand and potentially connect more songwriters with SESAC. SESAC is the oldest and most experienced performance rights organization representing artists like Adele, as well as a vast international client list. Joining this group will keep you around like minded artists, it will become your tribe, it will help you expand your territory and network. This is the sign you've been looking for.

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Songwriter's Workshop #2

Los Angeles

THE AGENDA! - Opening remarks and group objectives. - Perform & Tell (Show us what you've got) - Group Critiques - Group Assignments & Goal Planning The driving force behind this group is to create music that will be placed and/or published. This means we want you to become a full-time songwriter, and the best way to complete this is by surrounding your self with people that that facilitate consistent creation and collaborative regimented work. Persistence and discipline is key. The music business is a process, but we're here for you- seriously. OUTCAST Ent. is eager to see what is created and even more eager to connect everyone with a studio excited to professionally produce your project(s). For Perform & Tell, bring your finished work, half done work, and the work you are stuck on. We want to get it completed, produced, mastered, and profitable to YOU. For Group Critiques, though we all come from varying levels of songwriting experience, take nothing personal, and understand that your fans will often have little to no knowledge of music. This means EVERY critique matters. At the end of every meeting we will leave with tasks and goals to accomplish, and we promise to hold everyone accountable. Lastly, to keep the group interesting and or creativity in a constant flow state, each meeting will be at a different location offering the best artistic vibes and inspiration. Locations will be posted 48 hours prior to the date. We might even throw in free food every now and then! $10 per person

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Songwriter's Workshop #1

Los Angeles

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