Containerized Adventures with Kaslin Fields

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DevSlop is starting a new chapter in its AppSec journey! We want to learn and explore the world of containers.

Containers and DevOps are distinct concepts but are often part of the same conversation. Although you don’t have to use containers to do DevOps, containers are a great tool for making it easier.

To get us started, we could not have asked for a better guest!

Kaslin Fields is a Cloud Advocate at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, a Container and Cooking Enthusiast, and a Tech Comic-Blogger. By day, she uses her knowledge of containers and other cloud native technologies to help customers in their cloud native journeys by creating articles, tutorials, and other materials - as well as helping customers directly. By night, she explains those concepts her own way by creating comics that explain tech concepts through fun analogies and story-telling suitable for all ages.

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