Security & Policy Configurations for Infrastructure as Code with Rosemary Wang

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Our second guest this month is developer advocate Rosemary Wang!

How can we enforce security and policy on our infrastructure by shifting configuration testing left?

We'll discuss how reactively enforcing security does not scale for infrastructure as code. Then, we'll deep dive into some techniques for proactively checking the security and policy of our infrastructure as code, using examples featuring Open Policy Agent and Terraform.

Join us for a LIVE demo on Sunday, March 15th, 2020 at 1 PM EST on our YouTube Channel (Live):

As a developer advocate for HashiCorp, Rosemary Wang works to bridge the technical and cultural barriers between infrastructure engineers and application developers. She has a fascination for solving intractable problems with code, whether it be helping an infrastructure engineer learn to code or an application developer troubleshoot infrastructure failures. When she is not drawing on whiteboards, Rosemary valiantly attempts to hack stacks of various infrastructure systems on her laptop while foraging for tasty victuals around the world.

You can find Rosemary on social media: