Secure your serverless! Offense and Defensive Measures with Teri Radichel

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So you've gone serverless. Some companies are building out entire architectures on serverless infrastructure. What does security look like in this brave new world? How is it the same, and how is it different? Understand the threat model, attacks and defenses you can apply to your serverless applications. Cloud and cybersecurity expert Teri Radichel will help us answer these questions and provide advice on how to defend our serverless infrastructure and applications.

Join us on Sunday, April 5th, 2020 at 1 PM EST on our YouTube Channel (Live):

Teri Radichel is the CEO of 2nd Sight Lab, a cloud and cybersecurity company providing training, pentesting, and assessments. She is the author of the book Cybersecurity for Executives in the Age of Cloud and a 5-day cloud security class. She was on the original team that helped Capital One move to the cloud. Since then, she has helped many other companies with practical cloud security consulting and training and assessments. Teri has presented at conferences such as RSA, AWS re:Invent and re:Inforce, Microsoft Build, ISACA Congress, IANS, OWASP AppSec Day, ServerlessDays London, Countermeasure, and BSides conferences. IANS Faculty, Infragard, Founder of Seattle AWS Architects & Engineers, AWS Hero, SANS 2017 Difference Makers Award, Master of Software Engineering, Master of Information Security Engineering.

You can find Teri on social media: