Automating Cloud Security with Open Policy Agent

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Automating policy checks for infrastructure as code prior to deployment is becoming a critical part of the DevSecOps toolkit. Open Policy Agent (OPA) is an open-source policy-as-code standard that's easy to use and incredibly flexible for a wide variety of use cases.

Josh Stella (cofounder and CTO at Fugue) will show how cloud engineers can leverage OPA to move fast and ensure cloud infrastructure compliance.
He'll cover:
* Understanding OPA and getting started with policy-as-code for cloud infrastructure
* Checking Terraform for policy violations using Regula, an OPA-based open-source tool
* Integrating cloud security into CI/CD to prevent deployment misconfiguration

Josh Stella is co-founder and CTO of Fugue, the company delivering autonomous cloud infrastructure security and compliance. Previously, Josh was a Principal Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS), where he supported customers in the area of national security. Prior to Fugue, Josh served as CTO for a technology startup and in numerous other IT leadership and technical roles over the past 25 years.

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