Orchestration with Nomad from A(rtifacts) to Z(ones)

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Run Here, Run There, Run Everywhere: Orchestration with Nomad from A(rtifacts) to Z(ones)
YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/yzlL5Eh_WKI

What is workload orchestration?

Whether orchestration is a buzzword you’ve heard and plan on looking into, or you’ve already taken a stab at it and found yourself looking for more - this talk is for you! Jacquie will be walking us through the A, B, Cs of scheduling workloads with an example application and Nomad as an orchestrator. We’ll discover how different types of workloads affect orchestration, such as stateful versus stateless applications and scheduling with security constraints. She’ll also be sharing lessons she learned from applying these foundational concepts to datacenter and public cloud environments in the digital healthcare space. You’ll walk away from this with a better understanding of how to apply these concepts with your orchestrator of choice.

OUR GUEST: Jacquie Grindrod

Jacquie Grindrod is a developer advocate for HashiCorp where she’s able to apply her passion for solving problems with a holistic approach by bridging the gaps between teams and systems. From making healthcare accessible to making orchestration more approachable, Jacquie works to collaborate with and empower the communities around her. In 2019, Jacquie was recognized as one of Canada’s Top 30 Under 30 Developers and has spoken at conferences including DevOpsDays Toronto & Deserted Island DevOps.

You can find Jacquie on social media: