OWASP Halifax - OWASP Top 10 with Remediations and Introduction to Burpsuite


This will be our first official meeting at CEED (Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development).

Learn what OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) is about, how to remediate the OWASP Top 10 and fire up Burpsuite to find flaws in your web applications.

Don't forget to enjoy the chocolate chip cookies and coffee.

If you wish to support OWASP Halifax you may bring snacks to share with others, submit a talk, ask lots of questions, request a topic you want covered or donate to the cause.

Attendance is open and free to everyone of all ages.

All presentations and meeting minutes will be publicly available and open source on our website: https://owasp.github.io/owasp-halifax

This event is wheelchair accessible.

At this event alcohol, foul language and any inappropriate behavior are NOT permitted, those who do not meet this requirement will be politely asked to leave.

15m - Networking and Social
15m - Lilly Chalupowski / Tyler Parrott - Introduction to OWASP
15m - Meeting Minutes
45m - Evan D’Entremont - OWASP Top 10 with Remediations
15m - Networking and Social
45m - Darren Southern - Introduction to Burpsuite
15m - Networking and Social
15m - Lilly Chalupowski / Tyler Parrott - Closing