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The OWASP Hamburg Stammtisch meetings are FREE and OPEN to anyone interested in learning more about application security.

We encourage individuals to provide knowledge transfer via presentations, sometimes hands-on training, of projects and research topics. People come here who care as a hobby or in their job about IT security: developers, managers, pen-testers and everybody else who's interested. The atmosphere is open and relaxed. Who intends to come to sell products or services: Please move on, this is not the right place. OWASP is about education and sharing (mostly) technical information.

We will conduct approximately monthly to bimonthly meetings. When depends on the availability of speakers and rooms. So if you have an interesting topic to talk about, please let us know!

Most of the time talks are in German, but sometimes they are in English.

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XING GmbH & Co. KG

Moin in die Runde, schon mal zum Vormerken: Am 26.3. besucht uns Marius Musch und beehrt uns mit einem schönen Thema; Webassembly, seit Kurzem ja ein W3C-Standard. Marius hat einen schönen Vortrag in Amsterdam 2019 gehalten und irgendwo gab es noch eine Paper, was später noch mal fur Aufmerksamkeit sorgte (Marius ist Mitglied der Arbeitsgruppe von Martin Johns). Mehr Details folgen. Wir versuchen derweil im Februar noch einen Termin hinzubekommen. Schönes WoE, Dirk

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