OWASP MSP Chapter Meeting


We'll start 2019 with a session on Mobile Apps -
Hacking Your Enterprise by Reversing Engineering Your Mobile Apps* by Tony Ramirez, Mobile Security Analyst, NowSecure
As mobile security analyst at NowSecure, Tony Ramirez consults with customers and performs mobile app penetration testing of iOS and Android apps as part of the NowSecure Services team. Tony holds a master’s degree in cyber forensics and security from Illinois Institute of Technology.

In this eye-opening session, Tony will uncover and expose how attackers identify and exploit mobile app security vulnerabilities in commercial and custom mobile apps to compromise your enterprise. Through a series of live scenarios using open source and commercial tools from the attacker POV, Tony will crack and exploit vulnerabilities in mobile apps to show how attackers steal sensitive data and gain access to systems…and then share best practices on how to protect yourself and your enterprise.