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OWASP New Zealand Chapter - Auckland
OWASP New Zealand Chapter - Auckland
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The next OWASP New Zealand Chapter Meeting will be held in Auckland, Wellington as well as via webcast on Wednesday May 22nd, 2013.


Simon Burson

"Secure By Design" considers a practical approach to building security into an organization. Having read and written a whole lot of idealistic papers and standards; I have come to realise most use them as a gravity aided weapon for crushing those with an idea.

This is a case example of an approach that is ensuring those pen test results are pre-determined. An approach that avoids the rolling of eyes when risks are signed off. It is a work in progress and while delivering some benefits, it is certainly open to heckling from the crowd. Of course it could be that the approach is perfect and there is no room for improvement... baited yet?

Simon a.k.a taz, the ever argumentative telco flipping lobbyist for all things that bring down PCI. As the man who once did a SLA for the Internet, I am a creative chap who builds wondrous clouds during the week and destroys lil critters in the weekends.

Adrian Hayes

The New OWASP Top 10 - A release candidate for the new OWASP Top 10 Web Risks has been made publicly available. The OWASP Top 10 is widely regarded as the best starting point when it comes to web application security. We'll cover what has changed, including new risks that are now encompassed as part of the top 10.

Adrian is a security consultant for the Security-Assessment.com, providing clients with security penetration testing services and security related advice. He has deep knowledge of secure design and architecture, mobile device & application security, cryptography, and social engineering based attacks. Adrian is an active security researcher, and leads the Wellington OWASP chapter.

The locations for the meet will be as follows:


Dimension Data

48 Market Place (Contact Energy building, opposite O'Hagans)

Site contact: Nick Freeman ([masked])


Dimension Data House

Level 1,[masked] Customhouse Quay.

Site contact: Adrian Hayes ([masked])


Register Here: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/926812118

We'll do our best to start at on time but don't be afraid to be patient if we're a little late. Supported platforms are Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.