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OWASP is a non profit organisation focussed on lifting information security awareness and upskilling individuals and organisations in the creation of technical solutions with security as a core focus.

• The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) came online in 2001

• The NZ chapter came online in 2007

• The Christchurch chapter came online in 2014

The Christchurch meetup (and slack https://github.com/binarymist/InfoSecNZ ) is focussed on lifting the knowledge and skills of our city's tech workers (Software, DevOps Engineers, Developers, Testers).

The meetup, and slack is frequented by the above roles and also some very knowledgeable Security Professionals with an ask anything, non judgemental type of culture. We are always happy to help, and always looking for those keen to run a talk, workshop, or really anything information security related.

We also have OWASP NZ meetups in Auckland and Wellington.

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Secure Coding Tournament

Christchurch Office, Catalyst IT Limited

On the tail of running the Jade Secure Coding Tournament which had twelve Development Teams go head to head in an all out secure coding battle, we're doing it again, but this time for the public. If you're a Software Developer/Engineer, or even just dabbling in code, this is an excellent opportunity to learn what defective code looks like, and which secure code snippets are best suited to mitigate the security flaw in the code. What is it? The Secure Code Warrior integrated platform and challenges is both a fun and educational means for not only testing your abilities, but also learning how to code securely. • This is a Team event, you can either form a team before you arrive, or jump into a team when you arrive • The tournament is tailored for software developers of all levels from beginner to senior. It has many hints you can request along the way if you need them. In fact, the teams that do the best usually use more hints than those that don't • The integrated platform and challenges environment is very engaging, there will be a leader-board for all to see how the different teams are progressing • If you want access to the environment for a week leading up to the event to help familiarise yourself with the platform and practice your skills so that you hit the battlefield running on the evening, contact @binarymist. What’s in it for you? • Pizza and beer • By enlisting in this event, you’ll get good exposure to what insecure code looks like and how to transform it so it has a much greater chance of resisting attacks • Learn about the most common mistakes developers make in code, including the OWASP top 10 • Understand that there are different ways of coding securely, but that some solutions are actually better than others • Having experience and knowledge in secure coding processes, practises and principles is becoming highly sought after in the Software Developer market. Business' see the great value in these skills in a field that has very few Developers that understand application security • Attendance to this event and with the possibility of being placed is one for the CV • Shows that you value security as an integral part of your role • Recognition of fellow developers and senior leaders • There will be great prizes up for grabs What's the schedule look like? • 19:00 Greet, grab a beer and slice of pizza, quickly organise into Teams and select the challenge language you would like to use • 19:30 - 21:00 Tournament • 21:00 Prize giving, more beer, talk shop Additional details here: https://binarymist.io/blog/2019/08/31/who-devs-wins/ See you all there.

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A Senior in a Juniors World

Christchurch Office, Catalyst IT Limited

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