Securing your data (your business) using SQL Server 2016


This evening we are privileged to have Anupama Natarajan all the way from our capital speaking.

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Data Security is a key industry trend and every business invest a lot in it to build trust and credibility with their customers. SQL Server has great data security features and with SQL 2016 it has much more to offer for the businesses.

Data protection is really important for each and every business. Is your business ready to face the security challenge? Microsoft is spending $1 billion per year to ensure that its products are secured so that businesses are protected. These features are built into the Data Platform.

How can you prepare your business to secure their data using SQL Server 2016? This session will walk you through the new security features in SQL Server 2016 along with cool demos. You can learn the tips and implement them in your business and secure your customers’ data. I will show how you can secure sensitive data in SQL Server 2016 with out-of-the-box features.