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OWASP September meetup

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Andy and 2 others


Room is CCE1 - 402 which is on the 4th Floor of the Law Building.

We’ll be doing our usual two talks and pizza format.


1800 - 1815 Arrival and networking
1815 - 1820 OWASP Newcastle Welcome
1820 - 1920 Talk one
1920 - 2000 Pizza and networking
2000 - 2045 Talk two
2045 - onwards Pub?

Talk overviews:

Talk 1
Title: Stalk Awareness
Speaker: Cian (
Description: We often focus on nation states and corporation's role in eroding our privacy and expanding omnipresent surveillance worldwide, meanwhile an entire niche industry that caters to regular consumers who want similar spying capabilities has slipped largely under the radar.

Mobile apps that are designed to enable toxic and abusive behavior are
being openly sold on the internet, marketed directly to abusers, these
apps have come to be termed "stalkerware".

This talk will present analysis of the stalkerware industry, its
products, marketing and the scope of the problem it represents, as
well as potential solutions. I'll be examining these topics from both
a technical and non-technical standpoint, based on many months of
personal research.

Talk 2
Title: Rethinking Threat Intelligence - a quick glance at intelligence led risk management
Speaker: Adam Pickering (
Description: 45 min chat about rethinking how we use threat intelligence capabilities within enterprise to bring about changes to the way we deploy countermeasures against threat actors

As always, tickets aren’t required but help us gauge how much food to order.

You can also join our Google Group which is how we'll be sending out emails to events and is also going to be used as a forum for discussion.!forum/newcastle-chapter

Law Building (CCE01), City Campus East · Newcastle Upon Tyne, al
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