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OWASP Newcastle May meetup

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This will now be an online only event. The stream will start around 1815.

Link for the steam:

Running order:

1815 - OWASP Newcastle Welcome
Talk one
Talk two
Talk three

Talk overviews:

Talk 1
Title: Malware Threat Analysis and Intelligence Recon – Trickbot
Speaker: Chris Young (
Description: This presentation will provide you with some information on each of the Malware threats that I like to call “the 3 amigos” – Emotet, Trickbot and RYUK. I then focus in on Trickbot and the different types of modules that it uses. I also examine the ecosystems that attackers use to spread their malware. Additionally, I will provide some useful links for anyone thinking of getting started in malware analysis. Not a super technical talk so no reverse engineering skills required! 😊

Talk 2
Title: Alice Through the Cyber Looking Glass
Speaker: Rick Trotter (
Description: "Living backwards!" Alice repeated in great astonishment. "I never heard of such a thing!"
"—but there's one great advantage in it, that one's memory works both ways."
"I'm sure mine only works one way," Alice remarked. "I can't remember things before they happen."
"It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards," the Queen remarked.

Rattling around in my rusty cranium are memories of computing years past; a million lines of code and mistakes aplenty across a varied career that prelude to a dozen possible futures. If there's one thing that I've learned it's that humans have a tendency to make the same mistakes over and over in new and interesting ways. I've lived through a few of the major events in recent computing history: from the dawn of the Internet, the rise of the Microcomputer, the invention of the world-wide-web, the dot-com bubble and the explosion of social media; but what lessons can we learn as a new generation takes over the console while the rest of us shuffle off into the end of line character?

Rick Trotter is one of the last Generation-X geeks who grew up in a time of Microcomputers, IRC and BBS systems, becoming a digital pioneer in a new wild west web and falling through time one platform at a time. Join me gazing through the looking glass of an adventure spanning 40 years as we look to a new dawn of computing.

Talk 3
Title: A High Level Overview of the UK Smart Metering Programme
Speaker: Zach Anucha,
Description: This presentation will provide you with a high level overview of the UK Smart Metering Programme, its timelines, what the government is looking to achieve through the programme and the role CGI its implementation. Also, an overview of the intended impact on the UK, issues of privacy – personal and personal sensitive data, and critical national security data will be explored.
CGI's role in securing the infrastructure, the data and assurance regime covering Independent Competent Organisation, SOC2, ISO27001 Certification, CHECK Pen Tests will be discussed at high level. Finally the core Security Services that CGI provides - (DCCKI (PKI), Federated IDM, Anomaly Detection, Access Control Broker, will be covered at high level.

As always, tickets aren’t required but help us gauge how much food to order.

You can also join our Google Group which is how we'll be sending out emails to events and is also going to be used as a forum for discussion.!forum/newcastle-chapter

Law Building (CCE01), City Campus East · Newcastle Upon Tyne, al