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This is an online only event. The stream will start around 1900.

Running order:

1900 - OWASP Newcastle Welcome
Talk one - iOS Encryption State Handling And Your Sensitive Personal Data
Talk two - How to setup a new Red Team in a FTSE 100 (and what I learned doing it)

Talk overviews:

Talk 1
Title: iOS Encryption State Handling And Your Sensitive Personal Data
Speaker: James Duffy (https://twitter.com/j_duffy01)
Bio: I’m James - a 19-year-old Cyber Security student. I spend my time researching and expanding my knowledge in the area of Mobile Forensics and iOS Security Research. I enjoy creating free resources for the community, and developing software solutions to aid the research and data extraction process.
Description: From the bootloader to the user-facing interface, we'll learn how Apple implements data security and encryption state handling on a basic level and how we can take advantage of Apple's current implementation for forensic purposes

Talk 2
Title: How to setup a new Red Team in a FTSE 100 (and what I learned doing it)
Speaker: Robin Fewster (https://twitter.com/listenerstation)
Bio: Robin currently manages a global internal red team at Sage, which is a fintech company listed in the FTSE 100 having 13,000 employees and hundreds of cloud-hosted services across a variety of cloud service providers. An experienced former CHECK Team Leader / CREST Certified Tester, CREST Registered Intrusion Analyst, PCI QSA and PA-QSA, Robin also spends some of his personal time to co-lead OWASP Newcastle and (ISC)2 North East England security meetups. With a strong interest in offensive security testing, Robin is involved with bug bounty programme management, red teaming and penetration testing but also maintains an interest in blue teams having previously worked in the application security team at Sage in an Agile development environment.
- Why setup a red team inside your company? - How to put the business case together
- Getting the buy in and executing the business case
- Lessons learned

You can also join our Google Group which is how we'll be sending out emails to events and is also going to be used as a forum for discussion.