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OWASP Newcastle is back! May 2022

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Andy and Dan M.


We're back! Face to face meetups at last. We’ll be doing our usual two talks and pizza format.

Rough schedule:

1800 - 1815 Arrival and networking
1815 - 1820 OWASP Newcastle Welcome
1820 - 1920 Talk one
1920 - 2000 Pizza and networking
2000 - 2045 Talk two
2045 - onwards Pub?

Talk overviews:

Talk 1
Title: Vehicle Cybersecurity: Every cloud has a silver lining..
Speaker: Dani Walsh
Speaker Bio:
Dani led the class of 2015 achieving a first-class degree in Ethical Hacking for Computer Security from Northumbria University; where she also attained the Certified Ethical Hacker professional security status. The door opened into a software engineering role with Sevcon, later acquired by BorgWarner. Traversing through a career in embedded software engineering she has returned to her natural habitat of product cyber security management and engineering. She has progressed from Software Intern through to Global Cybersecurity Manager developing the foundation for Product Cybersecurity and the secure development within Borgwarner. For Dani, it’s not all about work - she is a leading light in STEM for the Northeast England helping to inspire the younger generation into pursuing STEM careers by running local code clubs.
Talk Synopsis:
Pre-warming seats, remote keyless entry, heated steering wheels, refrigerated glove boxes... we've come a long way in the automotive industry to bring the best experience for road users however gimmicky they may seem. These features come at a price and we're not just talking about money. The cybersecurity demands are now increasing exponentially for the vehicle OEMS and their suppliers because of today's feature-rich vehicles. A typical new vehicle has on average 100 million lines of code and with it brings potential zero-day and accidental vulnerabilities. The cybersecurity challenge in the modern vehicle is proportional to the size of the codebase- cybersecurity management is a daunting task. Cybersecurity is a major topic for almost every digital domain and with this, we can look to our fellow cybersecurity practitioners for guidance and inspiration for our own challenges.
This presentation investigates the cross-over of web security lessons learnt and embedded security. What can we leverage? What should we ignore? OWASP Top 10 in an ECU? Well let's find out...

Talk 2
Title: Attack mitigation and incident response
Speaker: Adam Bell
Speaker Bio:
My name is Adam Bell, I live in Washington, Tyne & Wear with my fiancée and 4 children. I’m a mature student at Northumbria University, Newcastle just about to finish my final year in Computer & Digital Forensics. I’m very passionate about data security and computer forensics. I’ve previously worked for large organizations in sales backgrounds. I worked for T-Mobile / EE for 9 years before leaving that job to go to university in 2015 starting a foundation degree then leading onto this degree. In the middle of my degree I’ve gone through a separation and divorce resulting in having to repeat first and second year. On the bright side I’ve learned more than a student doing 3 years would learn due to the course I study evolving over the years. I’m also a course rep for my course representing the students at faculty meetings. I’ve recently completed an accreditation with Microsoft in AI Fundamentals. I’m currently working towards my CHFI (Computer Hacker Forensics Investigator) accreditation with EC council. In my spare time in studies, I’m studying penetration testing.
In my spare time I love to spend the time with my family, I play football once a week and train in Japanese jujitsu twice a week. I enjoy going to the cinema with my friends. I regularly play on my PS5 on any free evenings I have. I absolutely love technology also wanting the latest gadgets.
Talk Synopsis:
Cyber security is a rather large area within data security, that and digital forensics are two sides of the same coin. Although I do study digital forensics, I’m still very interested in the cyber security side and preventing a breach rather than needing to investigate it. The area I will be talking and presenting about is incident response.

  • Preparation
  • Detection & Analysis
  • Containment, eradication, and recovery
  • Post incident activity.

I will also be covering the methods to reduce the likelihood of attack also.

As always, tickets aren’t required but help us gauge how much food to order.

You can also join our Google Group which is how we'll be sending out emails to events and is also going to be used as a forum for discussion.!forum/newcastle-chapter

Law Building (CCE01), City Campus East · Newcastle Upon Tyne, al
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