HTTP/3 is coming and how we came to this

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Welcome to an exciting lunch seminar with OWASP!

HTTP/3 is the coming next version of the protocol that is currently being
developed by the QUIC working group in the IETF. It improves in areas where HTTP/2 has shortcomings, primarily by changing the transport layer. HTTP/3 is the first major protocol to step away from TCP and instead it uses QUIC. Are you ready for a post-TCP world?

Daniel Stenberg talks about the development of HTTP. How we have gone from HTTP/1 to HTTP/2 and why, and how now HTTP/3 and QUIC are being introduced and yet again things change. Why are the new protocols are deemed necessary, how do they work, how will they change how things are sent over the network and what will some of the coming deployment challenges be? The current HTTP/3
implementation status in your favourite browsers, servers and HTTP libraries? When will we see HTTP/3 in wide use?

Bio: Daniel Stenberg is the founder and lead developer of curl. He has worked on HTTP implementations for over twenty years, he has been involved in the HTTP working group in IETF for a decade and he worked on the HTTP stack in Firefox for several years at Mozilla. Receiver of the Polhem Prize 2017. Employed by wolfSSL.

This event is sponsored by Swedbank and Omegapoint.