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OWASP Suffolk Chapter Meeting

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Location: University of Suffolk, Waterfront Building, 19 Neptune Quay, Ipswich IP4 1QJ


  • OWASP Suffolk Introduction, Welcome and News - Wojciech T Cichon
    Welcome and an update on OWASP Projects & Events from the OWASP
    Suffolk Chapter Leader.

  • Understanding how to prevent Sensitive Data Exposure - Dr Simon Greatrix
    Sensitive data is often the target of any attack, and its exposure has the greatest risk of long-term damage. OWASP and the PCI DSS provide many recommendations. The internet provides even more. These can be hard to understand, hard to implement, and contradictory. I will be sharing my understanding of how the cryptographic algorithms work and how they should best be used.

Dr Simon Greatrix has been writing software since the late 70s and has worked as a security expert for e-commerce for nearly 20 years. He is currently working on SETL’s block chain product. Java has been his preferred programming language since 1996.

This event is free to attend for both members and non-members of OWASP and is open to anyone interested in application security and cyber security. Please note that you MUST RSVP to book your place and get a ticket to be admitted to the event by building security - your name will be checked against the guest list.
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Neptune Quay · Ipswich
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