Web App Security Workshop


We're holding a web app security workshop where we'll show you the basics on how common web application vulnerabilities can be exploited. We'll teach you about the vulnerability, then challenge you to exploit it on a example web app. This will be suitable for beginners, so if you've done this kind of a lot, maybe don't rsvp right away so the the newbs can get in first.

You'll need require basic knowledge about web apps (HTML, JavaScript, SQL, that kind of thing).

You MUST bring your own laptop, preferably with firefox and Java installed. You'll need to install some software (probably just OWASP ZAP) and connect to the wifi access point, so make sure you have privileges to do this. If you don't bring a laptop, I (Adrian) will be sad and you'll be screwed.

I expect this to take a couple hours. As always, there's no cost in involved, and there'll be pizza and beer and whatever else I can find.

Sponsorship provided by Security-Assessment.com!