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CERT NZ - Who are we? How are websites getting hacked in real life?

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[Declan presented a well-received talk at OWASP NZ Day 2018. We've invited him to speak at the Wellington meetup, and given him more time to expand on his topic.]

Since opening in April 2017, CERT NZ has dealt with hundreds of hacked websites. In this talk Declan will step through a few case studies of what went wrong, and how to stop it from happening to your websites. Who is CERT NZ? How can they help protect New Zealanders from cyber threats?

Speaker Bio

Declan Ingram is the Manager of Operations for CERT NZ and leads the technical side of CERT NZ – including the Incident Response Team. He has worked for over 17 years in information security, with broad experience in both incident response and security testing.

If you're not able to attend in person, we will be attempting to livestream. The stream and the final video will be at this url:
Level 12, 79 Boulcott St · Wellington
How to find us

We're on level 12, but the lifts require a swipe-card. Arrive before 6pm and we'll let you up, otherwise there will be a phone number at the door for you to call.

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