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Network & Discuss Online Strategies with Business Owners!
Oahu Online Business Meetup Chat: Go to the Lanai area adjacent to the 2nd Floor "Two Tides Bar". We will be at the outside general self-serve tables on the right side of the Lanai. Please look for Sheryl, Larry, Walt, or Alex. Please feel free to purchase and bring up food or beverage, and share stories, talk about technology, new trends and get motivated! What we Do: We provide a casual event for OOB Meetup members to engage and expand their network with other Online Business professionals. There is no agenda, no formal introductions, etc. Please feel empowered to talk to anyone you wish. The social mixers do not have a presentation. That is reserved for the workshops. Please respect that our members are at the Meetup to support, not to do free work, including consultations. This group is NOT for MLM marketers. If your goal is to build a downstream line, this group is NOT for you. Thursday, October 4th, 2018 - 6:00 p.m. Two Tides bar at Whole Foods (388 Kamakee Street) on the 2nd Floor

Whole Foods

388 Kamakee St · Honolulu, hi

What we're about

Do you want to meet people who are passionate about business and generating a portion of business online?


This is the group for you.

We facilitate informal meetups for online entrepreneurs of all experience levels to get together and discuss ways to start, build, and grow successful online businesses.

What is Oahu Online Business?

Oahu Online Business exists to motivate and empower local business owners in Oahu. We are a community of business owners, marketers, web developers, and web designers willing to share our stories.

Do you feel frustrated because friends and family don't "get it"? Do you ever wish you could talk to people who spoke your "language?" (Do you use words like ROI, CPM and CTR?) You're in the right place.

Note: Do NOT join if you do multilevel marketing (MLM). Our members strongly dislike being solicited for "business opportunities." Seriously, just don't join. We have ZERO tolerance on this, and will instantly ban you if we receive any complaints.

How this group will help you:

Our primary goal is to to help each other take advantage of the Internet to grow our businesses. You could have an existing, offline business and want to have a better web presence. Or you want to launch a pure Internet business.

Some of the things we discuss at meetups:

Creating and selling information products online

Web design and web development

E-mail marketing and building an e-mail list

Video marketing



Search engine optimization (SEO)

Social media marketing

and more!

We are building a community of people who can help each other succeed and get to the next level.

Why you should join us:

Our members have a variety of skills that you can tap for your business. If you'd rather meet potential partners and consultants face-to-face, you'll definitely want to attend our meetups.

For this reason, we encourage friendly networking and building relationships that are based on mutual benefit.

We believe in a fair exchange of value. Please respect that our members are at the meetup to support, not work for free. Offer them a win-win deal.

Who can join?

If you are a business owner who is looking to connect with like-minded people and talk about technology, this is definitely the group for you. Join today and RSVP for our next meetup!

We do ask that you upload a REAL photo to your profile. Our group cares about honesty and transparency.

See you at the next meetup!

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