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    This is a group for down-to-earth women encouraging each other regardless of what level we are pressure but some serious encouragement! Please do not join if your intention is to try and recruit any of the group members to your gym or personal training business. ***Picture of yourself in your profile required for add ****

    - Please contact the host for the event/workout with questions or additional information. Please message the hits when you are running late or can't make it if you RSVPd.

    - Please contact the Meetup Organizers to be able to add events if you haven't been added already.

    - OWWG is not liable for any damages to personal property or personal well-being throughout the events scheduled. It is the sole responsibility of the individual (s) involved to ensure their own safety. By joining this group, attending any events or workouts you are agreeing to waive liability from The OWWG and any of its members either directly or indirectly. Participation is voluntary and at your own risk.

    Please consider the following when scheduling:

    - Please include your contact number so that people know who to contact if they are lost, running late or can't make it.

    - Consider scheduling your workout a week in advance....less likely to have people join if only a few days notice is given.

    - In the title of the workout/event annotate whether this is a Co-ed or Women Only workout. If this isn't done, the workout/event is fair game.

    - Social events should be kept at a minimum. If you see one or two social events already scheduled for the month, please don't add more...this meetup is primarily for workouts with a socializing event every once in awhile. Socializing is encouraged so please feel free to contact each other at the workouts or on your own to make other social arrangements.

    - All workouts/events must be free, except for if a rental is required or there is a fee to participate (I.e. Marathon, obstacle course, etc.). No charging fees for organizing the event.

    - Organizer and Co-organizers reserve the right to remove members and/or events who/that are deemed inappropriate.

    ***Please add to your contacts or reminders and announcements will go directly to your spam box.***

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