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Are you looking to train your thought, release outdated beliefs and create your best life or business? If you are tired of the same old results, year after year? Are you intrigued about the possibility to reinvention and transformation? Come and join the Consciously Creative Community to release procrastination, fear of failure, and self-doubt. We are moving from the Information age to the Imagination age. Imagine the possibilities when you consciously create your compelling future and contribute in your own, unique way. You no longer have the luxury of being mediocre. Time is the most important asset we have and the time is now!

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Spring Forward | Learn How To Achieve Your Goals Using The Energy Of Spring

Have you ever made a resolution, and found you lost momentum by February? It may not be your fault, it may be timing. Resolutions are made in the middle of Winter when our energy is meant to slow down, and we're meant to be self-reflective. Timing can be everything, and can either carrying you easily along, or stop you in your tracks. Nature is a perfect example of how to use the influences of the seasons. You're invited to celebrate the beginning of Spring, and to learn how to tap into its wonderfully supportive energy for personal and professional growth. We'll be hiking to a very special spot in the Oakland Hills, where the earth energy is strong. I consider it Sacred Geography. I study Geomancy. It’s an ancient word that describes the knowledge of the invisible, as well as the visible dimensions of the Earth, and its landscapes. My aim is to promote a deeper, more loving, and more responsible relationship with the Earth, the cosmos, and all beings, visible and invisible. This event is for you if: • You'd like to learn how to go more with flow, and less with struggle and working hard, hard, hard • You want to learn more about earth energy, and how to harness its power to support health, healing, and happiness • You want to learn to build confidence in your intuitive wisdom, and the wisdom of nature You'll learn how to: • Feel your body's subtle energy, and how to ask your body questions • Use the elements of earth like crystals and rocks to support your goals • Plan your goals based on the energy influences of the seasons • Use Geomancy/earth energy to ground and heal physically and emotionally, and tap into the Superconscious Mind. You'll receive: • A guided mediation/visualization that you can use each day to program and strengthen your subconscious mind for success • Goal planning worksheets to create new habits • Surprise gifts and resources from my personally curated collection Come and join the celebration, and be a part of an exhilarating hike to my own personal, sacred spot in the Oakland Hills. Complete directions, and other important information will be provided after you register. Register By Clicking This Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/spring-forward-learn-how-to-achieve-your-goals-using-the-energy-of-spring-tickets-56210998610

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