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What we’re about

The Oakland County Permaculture Meetup(OCPM) is an open network dedicated to connecting like-minded individuals interested in permaculture design and the practices of sustainability. Through fostering collaboration and cooperation the OCPM serves as a resource hub for sharing ideas, information, experiences, tools, and more.  Join us on Facebook at:

The OCPM welcomes practitioners of and those interested in the following disciplines:

    Edible Landscaping

    Organic Gardening & Orcharding

    Local Food, Farming & Homesteading


    Natural Building

    Craft/DIY/Fiber Arts

    Foraging & Wildcrafting


    Cooking & Food Preservation

    Renewable & Alternative Energy

    Composting & Waste Systems

    Water & Rainwater Harvesting

    Nature Awareness

    Primitive Skills

    Holistic Health & Living




*What is permaculture? Permaculture is a whole-systems design protocol modeled on the observation and study of natural systems. Permaculturists use the principles of interconnection, diversity, resiliency, and conservation to design homes, landscapes, gardens, organizations, farms, and more. For an in-depth exploration of what this all means, please read: What is Whole Systems Design?

------------- Permablitzes --------------

A permablitz is a volunteer based work party where one OCPM member has a project they need help on and other members offer they're hands for the day. Permablitzes often include an educational/skill sharing aspect as well as shared food/potluck style lunches. Do you have a project you could use help on?

Permablitz Criteria—

• Must already have an appropriate project that you need help on; requires 5-10+ helping hands

• Must be in Oakland County

• Past permablitzes include garden establishment, pasture seeding, chicken coop construction, etc.

Contact Trevor at to schedule a permablitz.

-------------Skill Shares---------------

How to Present a Skill Share for the Oakland County Permaculture Meetup

  Skill shares take place during our regular Oakland County Permaculture meetup (OCPM) monthly meetings (usually held the first Wednesday of each month) and cover a variety of topics related to permaculture design and sustainable living.  The goal of a skill share is to do just what it says: share a skill or share knowledge with the larger group.  Skill shares look a little bit different depending on if it is winter or summer.  This guide will introduce you to how to host a successful skill share in either winter or summer (and some differences we look for depending on the season). 

Who can host a skill share?  Any OCPM member who has attended at least two OCPM events can host.  So if you have something that you know about and are willing to share with others, we are excited to have you! 

How long should my skillshare be?  We ask that you prepare no more than 20-30 minutes of a presentation.  Expect a good deal of discussion and questions, so usually the skillshares get capped at one hour of total time.  This allows people a chance to socalize and enjoy each other’s company after the skill share, which is another important function of our group!

What are the goals for a skillshare? The goals are to teach our community something about the subject matter.  Either to provide them with new knowledge about something relating to permaculture and sustainable living or teach them a skill that they can apply in their own lives.

Are hands-on activities ok? Absolutely, and we strongly encourage hands-on skillshare activities when possible.  One of our personal favorite meetups was our fermentation meetup, where we briefly discussed principles of fermentation, then everyone got busy making creative ferments.  Soil block making and seed starting was another fun skillshare because we all got to try our hands at making the blocks.  So yes, hands-on activities are great!

What else should I be aware of?  You should prepare notes and/or a presentation for your skill share.  Public speaking, even to a very friendly audience like the OCPM crowd, can be uncomfortable for many.  Prepare a set of notes, practice your notes, and be prepared to answer questions.  You should also bring samples to pass around of things relating to your skill share (e.g. for our recent seed sprouting skillshare, Elissa, our skill share leader, brought different sprouts for us to try, showed us samples of sprouting trays, and passed around different seed packets).  The “pass around” things allow the audience to interact more while you are talking!

What kinds of things can I cover?  This depends on the season.

Winter Skill Shares primarily focus on things we can learn indoors and are hosted at various members’ homes in the area. They are either theoretical or practical. Past winter skill shares we have recently had include:

·  Transforming one’s front lawn into a garden using permaculture design

·  Seed starting and soil block making

·  Fermentation

·  Seed sprouting

·  Worm composting/Vermicomposting

·  Introduction to Permaculture Design

·  Establishing a pantry and bulk food buying

·  Homebrewing

·  Sustainable crafts: papermaking, spoon carving, and wool felting

·  Hot water bath canning

·  Bio-char for gardens

Summer skill shares can likewise teach people something or share knowledge.  But they can also be a site tour of a farm, sustainable living center, and so on.  Summer skill shares we have had recently include the following:

·  Natural building and land restoration (Strawbale Studio)

·  Biointensive Vegetable Gardening (Bittersweet Farm)

·  Edible Landscaping/Yarden Tour (Roots to Fruits Research Site)

·  Organic Vegetable Gardening (Walli’s Organics)

·  CSA Gardens and Livestock Operations (Upland Hills Farm)

·  Compost Water Heater (Strawbale Studio)

You can always talk with any of the OCPM co-organizers about your ideas for a winter or summer skill share!