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Sound & Savor, a local vegan catering business has been hosting classes and other events for several years.
Currently hosting at least one event each week in the bay area.

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Ramen and Japanese curry class

Sound & Savor

In this hands on cooking class we will make handmade ramen noodles and Japanese curry to create an amazing ramen bowl.
Japanese curry is unique in the world of curries, that it uses a roux technique to start the dish. Ramen noodles are unique as the dough is alkalinized.
Small class, only 5 people. We will dine on our creations at the end of the class for an awesome lunch and you will be taking home ramen dough to make more at home.

Sunday February 12,
to register, https://www.tastemade.com/philip-gelb/experiences/20462

Please contact me if you have questions.

Chinese Tofu dishes

Sound & Savor

In this hands on cooking class we will make a handful of tofu dishes from a few regions in China.

We will steam tofu to make steamed tofu with ginger sauce.
We will braise tofu to make ma po tofu
We will deep fry and then stiry fry tofu to make tofu with black bean sauce.
And we will make a salad out of uncooked tofu with herbs and nuts

Sunday February 19
Limited space for 5
to reserve your spot: https://www.tastemade.com/philip-gelb/experiences/20463-chinese-tofu-dishes-vegan-cooking-class

Wonton Class

Sound & Savor

Sunday February 26, 2022
limited space for 6
to make reservations:

Join us for a hands on class, making wontons!
We will make a mushroom filling flavored with 5 spice powder, shaoshing, soy sauce and sesame oil. Then we will learn a few ways of folding wontons.
Then we will fry up some wontons with a special mustard.
And boil some wontons and make a red oil sauce for the Sichuan classic dish, Wontons in red oil and of course we will make a savory broth to make another classic, wonton soup! And then we eat all of these and you can take home leftovers!

This will be fun!

Kim chi making class

Sound & Savor

In this hands on cooking class we will make several types of kim chi! Limited space for only 5 attendees. Each person will be taking home 3 kinds of kim chi to ferment in their own homes! In addtion to making 3 kinds of kim chi, we will also make a personal fave dish; kim chi jigae; a savory stew of silken tofu with kim chi, onions, garlic and chili peppers for a delightful spicy and tart lunch.

Sunday March 5, 2023
loft in West Oakland
to register, please follow this link: https://www.tastemade.com/philip-gelb/experiences/20461-kim-chi-vegan-cooking-class-2

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Thai cooking class

Sound & Savor