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Rainbow Energy Healing Level 2 (FULL WEEKEND) with Chris Cucuirean
LEVEL 2 RAINBOW ENERGY HEALING CERTIFICATE COURSE Class Level: Intermediate to Advanced (Prerequisite: Rainbow Energy Healing Level 1 Certificate Course must be completed prior to attending this workshop) Upcoming Dates: Friday to Sunday November 16th, 17th, & 18th, 2018 – At Chris’ Healing Studio In Oakville, Ontario Three Full Days Friday to Sunday Hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Description: This moderately advanced course in Rainbow Energy Healing is for Practitioners of REH who wish to deepen their own understanding of REH, and apply more advanced techniques during an REH session. You’ll learn more about Rainbow Energy Healing, such as the essence of the Divine Mother, Divine Father, and Divine Child relationship of REH, the higher level chakras 13 to 18, how to provide a distant REH session, and how to apply REH in a variety of healing applications. You will experience numerous guided REH healing meditations and a sacred ceremony that will help to to open your intuitive channels and strengthen your abilities with REH. This workshop will include: A Review of Rainbow Energy Healing (REH) and the Level 1 course basics; The Divine Mother, Divine Father, & Divine Child relationship activated in REH; Detailed exploration of the higher chakras 13 through 18; A profound Sacred Ceremony to clear and heal vows, contracts, and limiting beliefs from this or other lifetimes; Learning how to provide a Distance REH session for clients in a remote location; Practice reading energy and learning how to receive direction, and report guidance after an REH session; Understanding where and how angels, guides, and deceased loved ones help in REH; Practice providing and receiving REH sessions using the advanced techniques explored. You will learn how to read energy and deliver healing guidance effectively for an REH session. You will experience profound self-healing to connect you to your Divine Life and Soul Purpose. Upon completing this course, you will have extensive knowledge and confidence to effectively apply REH formally or informally to clients in a professional setting. The required pre-requisite for taking Rainbow Energy Healing Level 2 is that you have obtained REH Level 1 Certification (or Re-Certification) in July 2015 or later. This course qualifies you to earn Certification as a Practitioner of Rainbow Energy Healing Level 2. Fee: $888 plus HST ($1,003.44) CDN. Payment is non-refundable. (Full terms, conditions, and cancellation policy.) Includes all materials, course notes, use of healing tables with fresh linen, beverages, and healthy snacks. Registration in advance is required. To register and reserve your seat for this Practitioner Certification Workshop in April of 2018, please vist and click on the Register pull-down menu (Above), select the appropriate option, then click on Add To Cart to submit your payment and reserve your seat. For more information, contact Chris Cuciurean at (905)[masked]. A welcome/confirmation email will be sent within 48-72 hours, typically. Current graduates who have taken the REH Level 2 Practitioner Course may attend this course (Re-Certify). The fee to Re-Certify is $255 + HST ($288.15). For existing graduates to register at the upcoming REH Level 2 course, Select the Re-Certify option from the menu above. This workshop is offered periodically through the year, in spring and autumn, typically in the Greater Toronto area. For more information about future events and locations of this course, please contact Chris Cuciurean. Sign Up for the REH News e-newsletter to keep updated with announcements about upcoming events.

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The Lake House

1084 Argyle Drive · Oakville, ON


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What we're about

Learn Divine Communication, harness your innate intuitive abilities and learn new Divine tools. Practice giving and receiving messages in a fun, supportive group.

Kirsten is a psychic medium, Angel Channelor and Spiritual Teacher. Her joy is to create a space to bring like-minded people together, provide mentorship support to others along their spiritual journey, unveil fears and blockages that keep you stuck. Kirsten's philosophy is:

"Practicing your intuitive nature is the KEY to our spiritual and psychic development. It's all about letting go of your self-doubts and fears that block us so we can learn to trust ourselves more. The more we experience our metaphysical senses to see, hear, feel and know, the more we awaken to know who we truly are as spiritual beings and our abilities propel with use. It's just that simple. You are your own best teacher. Come out and take that inward journey to unfold how you uniquely connect with Divine. You are a spiritual being and already have the light within." Kirsten Hodgins

Watch Kirsten's video where she explains what this group is all about:

Come out and practice with other heart-centered souls, expand your awareness and strengthen your abilities to communicate with Divine more profoundly.

Learn to communicate with your Spirit Guides, Angels, ascended masters and beings of love and light for your highest good.

Practice giving and receiving readings and connecting with other like-minded people.

We will explore in positive ways by practicing various techniques, using helpful Divine tools to propel our growth and to bring positive results to our spiritual development.

Who Should Attend:

Whether you are a beginner seeking support and understanding or if you are already embracing your abilities and would like to share and continue to grow along with us, then this group is for you. If you are an energy healing practitioner wanting to develop your Channeling abilities further to provide messages for clients or just simply interested in developing more of an awareness for personal growth, this group is for you!

What to Expect at This Meetup:

We will open with a brief discussion on topics related to Channeling, as this term covers many aspects of how we receive and connect. There will be meditations, grounding techniques, clearing and opening exercises then delve into practicing in pairs. Practicing our connection is KEY to spiritual development. Don't be afraid of trying. It's all about letting go of your self-doubts and fears.

How You Will Benefit:

Ignite your abilities in the area of clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience and clairaudience

Raise your vibration (energy level)

Building a template and Psychic Dictionaries (as to how information is shown to us)

• Meet your Spirit Guides

• Angel Communication

• Learning how to navigate and deepen your intuitive abilities

• Channeling techniques

• Unveiling Fears

• Clearing subconscious negative beliefs

• Letting go of self-doubts and blockages

• Knowing how to set boundaries

• Learning discernment

• Free will / intentions

• Grounding techniques

• Aligning your energy

• Opening and strengthening your senses, etc.

"We want to go beyond the surface to bring you deeper understandings, increased awareness and to free your mind to sense beyond your limits and to connect with higher states of wisdom in order to further your personal and spiritual development."

This group will serve as a stepping stone to reach a greater potential, a place to be with like-minded, heart-centered souls and to discover your internal power and unique abilities. Each of you are incredibly special and it's groups like this that will allow you to nurture and grow in a supportive and nonjudgmental environment.

It is about evolving to higher states of consciousness and learning to navigate our operating system from a place of love, compassion, and understanding.

"Learn how to manage and direct the energy that flows through your mind and body. Begin shifting old energy patterns and create new and empowering ones. Allow your higher-self to be the observer and receiver of the subtle information as it flows through you, and discover your unique abilities to interpret the messages and wisdom as they’re received.

As you discover these techniques and begin to experience them for yourself, there is no turning back. Once the door is opened, a whole new understanding emerges and life begins to show up differently. You shed old thought patters, judgments, and beliefs and replace them with empowered states of consciousness. The more you walk along the proverbial path and further your consciousness, you cannot help to become more intuitive and awaken to a new life of possibility and potentiality.

"Our hope is that we point and lead you to discovering your true nature, which begins with an inward journey.”

We are still focusing on intuitive development and we will continue to provide lots of opportunities to practice our intuitive abilities each Meetup! There will be time set aside for lots of practicing and to reflect on techniques and other processes, which is an important step in mastering any skill.

"Fully harnessing your potential is based on the experiential level. You must feel it for yourself to know it and eventually, with practice and familiarizing yourself with all of your senses, your intuitive skills become a natural flow in your daily life."

When we take the step to get together with like-minded souls, we communicate with our higher self by committing to spiritual developments. Steps along this path are parallel to our human development as we all know very well! When we show up at Meetups, or any other place with the intention to grow spiritually, we open ourselves up to communication with higher self, higher beings, ascended masters, spirit guides. When we begin opening ourselves to the field of infinite wisdom, we channel intellect and understandings like never before. We begin seeing life through a different lens and not everyone around you is there to understand what you’ve awakened to. In our Group you'll be supported by like-minded, heart-centered souls!

Coming out to these Meetups shows the Universe you're ready to embark on an inward journey of limitless potential.

I look forward to being on this journey with each of you!


Kirsten Hodgins

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