Consciousness Discussion Circle - Hosted by Derek Conorton


Consciousness Discussion Circle
with Derek Conorton

Date: Wednesday, August 14th, 2019
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Place: Sovereign House Museum,
7 West River Street, Oakville ON (Bronte Village)
Fee: $20
*** All levels welcomed.

About Derek Conorton:

Derek’s focus is to take us on a journey within and teach us to better understand the processes of our operating systems and basic levels of consciousness. On this journey, Derek provides us with empowering tools and techniques to integrate our new Conscious Systems (mental/physical/spiritual/emotional/etc.).

• Derek brings over 20 years of experience and has formulated transformational self-development and spiritual awakening workshops. His in-depth programs derive from his many years as a personal and corporate coach, energy transformation practitioner, intuitive teacher, and teacher of Consciousness. Background:

• Over 20 years experience in the field of spiritual and transformational development

• Spiritual teacher and Founder of “SINGULARITY” workshops

• Director of The Dream Centre in Ontario, Canada, which is a children’s development facility in dance, gymnastics, martial arts, and performing arts

• Owner of over 100 real estate investment properties

Topics for Discussion:

1) Conscious Awareness

-Where we are and where we're going as conscious beings-
-Three basic levels of consciousness and how they operate within us; egoic consciousness, awakening, enlightenment

2) Mind As a Tool, Not Who We Are

-Head Space and Heart Space; creating new points of reference to operate from
-Choosing your reality one moment at a time
-bringing it all together; 'FedEx-ing' your manifestations