What we're about

Forex trading can be a lonely game. Trading in your home office wondering if you have the right pulse of the market. This group brings all us disparate traders together for the opportunity to share strategy, views of the market, and other helpful insight to improve our success. All trader levels are welcome! There are many strategies to learn but we will be focused on technical's and the basics of trading.

Becoming a proficient Forex trader means Mastering...

The Basics

• What is Forex

• The majors vs exotics

• Brokers and Trading Platforms

• The trading Process

• Rules vs Strategy

• Your rules

• Your strategy

• What type of trader are you

• Trading Styles

• Trader Psychology

• Equity management

• Stops

Trading Fundamentals

• Setting up Charts

• What is a true high and a true low ?

• Multiple time frames

• Trend, Trendlines, and counter trendlines

Advanced Analysis

• Fibonacci's A, B, C, D

• Crown formations

• Fapanese Candlestick patterns

• Support and Resistance

• Entries and exits

• Stochastic, RSI, Bolingers

• Consolidations

• Managing your trades

• Cancel and Replace

• Hedges

• News trading

• Time management

Obviously we cant cover all this in one or even 10 meetups. So we will chop off a bit at a time with the ultimate goal of all becoming excellent professional traders.

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