What we're about

The purpose of this Meetup is to bring together individuals who are not limited by belief systems and "groupthink" and are eager to share a more objective inquiry into human experience and capacities. Rather than a social sharing of opinions and beliefs, the aim is to participate in a well-considered and impartial examination of subjects determined in advance of each session so that personal research can be done using evidence-based methods and rational speculation ( it is not a "free-for-all" discussion of anything and everything ). The present culture precludes an objective method of learning because it values belief and "packaged opinions" rather than Understanding.

The aim is to expand thought, to explore an idea, not to "wrap-it-up". If you have a "made-up-mind" as a skeptic or so-called "free-thinker", this is not for you, but if you are open to ideas, to possibilities, to acknowledging that you, your cultural tribe, your "education", your philosophy, etc. are not the repository of all wisdom and truth...then you are welcome to join others in exploring the changing world of new information, evidence, and new methods of inquiry. It is an exciting time to live...if one is up for it.

Some possible subjects...

1. Human origin theories.
2. Human potential.
3. Religion, science, philosophy.
4. Consciousness, conscience (care).
5. Ethics, good and evil, values.
6. Cultural conditioning and enforcement.
7. Economic materialism vs. life-affirming values.
8. Worldviews.

Guiding principles for this Meetup...

1. Truth is objective. (One's perception of it can be in relative alignment or misalignment with it).
2. Goodness is an expression of Natural Law operating on a particular level of being,
3, Beauty is the result of Truth and Goodness in harmony.
4. People can learn and change their programming.
5, It is positive to acknowledge the negative.

6, All things are impermanent transformations of energy.

7, The word "spiritual" implies a disembodied ghost or force. It can be replaced by "conscious/consciousness".

8.The greatest problems for humanity are ignorance, superstition, false vanity and pride, and the structures that maintain them.

9. Once a belief is adopted the believer looks for and "finds" confirmation of that belief, either in the stars, in scripture, in tea leaves, in the entrails of animals, or in some corresponding system. People can and do believe in anything and everything. Truth is not found by belief.

10. This forum is different from ordinary social conversation. Please do not relate "second-hand" stories, book or movie reviews, or personal histories. Share your own ideas and questions concerning the TOPIC of discussion. Consider others by economizing your contributions and help keep the focus on the subject.

11. When a member has not visited the group site in over 2 months he/she will be removed.

If these ideas resonate with you, please join in building Understanding in an environment that is not colored by BS ( belief systems).

Past events (7)

Human Potential

Art studio at 420 East Walnut Street in Rogers.

Conscience ( the knowledge of right and wrong )/Moral Relativism.

Art studio at 420 East Walnut Street in Rogers.

Cultural Conditioning and Enforcement

Art studio at 420 East Walnut Street in Rogers.

Cultural Conditioning and Enforcement

Art studio at 420 East Walnut Street in Rogers.

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