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Discuss Nothing! TUES, FEB 18, 2014 @ 6:30 PM - On the Border

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Come relax with friends after a day of productive work.

New members and first-timers are welcome! If you are new to NTOS and are looking for a chance to introduce yourself or find out more about us, this event is perfect for you! We would be very glad to meet you!

This time, I'd like to discuss:

(1) What is the difference between a concept and a proper name? Can a proper name have a definition? Can a proper name refer to a group of entities? What about time as a context for identifying a classification of entities or a specific entity? And what's the difference between a proper noun and proper name, anyways? Let's consider examples, such as: (a) island and Maui; (b) archipelago and Hawaiian Islands; (c) continent and Pangaea; (d) empire and Roman Empire; (e) philosophy and Objectivism; (f) society and NTOS.

(2) But if nothing is better than talking about concepts and proper names, which concept did man invent first: nothing or God? What could be the definition of "nothing"? What could be the definition of God? Is God a proper name? What could it mean when a religion states God created the universe? From what? Nothing?

God, nothing is better than talking about nothing!

Old Toad