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We are Ocado Technology. We love IT, innovation and people. We believe that we should give back to the community as much as we are taking from it, or even more. We are using open source, attend conferences and gain from the community knowledge and now we want to repay. We want to share what we do and what we know with all interested people, so they can benefit. We invite all people who are willing to share, discuss and participate in our tech meetups. We have a nice spot in the centre of Wroclaw which is always open for open-minded, talented people.

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Hacktoberfest @ Ocado Technology

Ocado Technology Wrocław Office

The Slower the Stronger: A Story of Password Hash Migration

Ocado Technology

Battle of databases - choose your weapon

Ocado Technology

*I can haz no Futures?* - Michał Płachta

Ocado Technology

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