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Hello and Welcome to the Ocean County and Monmouth County "BULLY" meet up group! The two meet up groups have merged!! Of course here we love all Bully Breeds, but we also love every kind of dog! Big, Small, Old, Young, Skinny, Pleasantly Plump! Our mission is to educate people on how an APBT is one of the sweetest, most loving, loyal dogs around, and to help each others train their dogs as well as provide important socialization environment that is crucial to owning a Pit bull.

We will have group outings, (in both Ocean and Monmouth counties) and even sometimes off leash play, but obviously none of this is mandatory. Responsible ownership is the most important characteristic anyone can aquire and maintain when dealing with these breeds! Due to the urban legends, media sensationalism, myths, and pit bull hating fanatics, the APBT, as well as Rotties, Doberman, ("aggressive breeds") etc. have suffered a horrible misunderstanding and acquired an unjust stereotype. Most people forget a Pit Bull is just a type of breed of dog and it all depends on how they are raised!! But WE ARE HERE TO CHANGE THAT!! We will change that by education, team work and example setting in a safe enviroment on group walks and get togethers!!

Please feel free to share stories, ask questions or even post pics!! Once again, ALL DOGS ARE WELCOME. Pitbulls and other so called 'aggressive breeds' are just regular DOGS, even if they do have an undeserved bad reptuation. Hopefully our dogs can be "Fur Friends " :)

All Dogs should have to be up on vaccinations and leashed whenever we have a get together, unless we are having off-leash play in a fenced in area. Please bring poop bags and water for your dogs as well !
Take 2 seconds, and sign up. Look around, you can see past meet ups with all the pictures we've taken, members, locations and all the details of upcoming meet ups! Hope to see you soon!

WE ARE HERE FOR ONE GOAL: Getting the awareness out that our dogs are Great. "IT'S NOT THE BREED, IT'S THE DEED."----"BAN STUPID PEOPLE, NOT DOGS!"

" I am nervous that my dog will act inappropriate, wrong, or disrupt the group. SHOULD I COME?"

Answer:***NEVER EVER be embarrased of how your dog reacts at these meet ups. Some dogs jump, pull, bark excessively, shy away, or sometimes do things you have never seen them do before. Every dog is different and may handle excitement or nervousness differently. Once the dogs get into "pack menatlity" and we start walking, they all fall right into line and calm down. However you would like to help your dog work through the slight set back is totally up to you, as long as it is in a respectful manner! P.S. MY DOG IS THE EXCESSIVE BARKER! So do not, by ANY MEANS, feel uncomfortable. If you DO feel that way though and want to come to a meet up WITHOUT your dog first to see what the meet up is all about, I encourage you to do so !!! ***

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