What we're about

We are creating a series of ocean art shows that link current issues in the Gulf of Maine to art works to engage audiences and stimulate conversations. We want to take ocean issues off the screen and bring them into public spaces where people can talk about ideas, emotions, conflicts, challenges, history, and the future. The ocean is the source of all life on earth and our industrial programs are endangering it.

We need a broader public dialog about the existential challenges that confront us and Art is the most expressive form of communication humans have created to challenge the status quo and develop new visions for the future.

We are looking for artists, photographers, documentarian, scientists, marine biologists, data professionals, marketing professionals, community leaders, educators, and concerned citizens who care about the ocean and want to reach a broader audience through art.

We are creating a grass roots organization based on open source IT models to inventory existing works of art, curate them into a collection, and share that collection with the people of Boston.

Please join use to help save the ocean with art.

Upcoming events (1)

The Business of Ocean Data

New Lab


I'm hosting The Business of Ocean Data event at New Lab in Brooklyn, NY on June 5 and attendees will also be invited to participate in World Ocean Day at The United Nations on June 7th, with an evening reception on The Peace Boat. I believe that artists have valuable perspectives and ask different kinds of questions than business people, scientists, and politicians and am therefore integrating ocean artists into the panel discussions of this event to generate more thought provoking conversations. The theme this year for World Ocean Day at the UN is Gender Equality and there will be some outstanding presentations and ocean art exhibits at The UN on June 7th. While this event is not in Boston, I encourage all who can attend to participate. You can register to attend at: http://www.oceandataalliance.com

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