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Let's talk blockchain and society, tech, governance. Hosted by Ocean Protocol.

If you'd like to give a talk, please reach out to daniel@bigchaindb.com.

Note: we film the meetups to share the learnings with our online community afterwards. This means that attendees may be on some of the shared photos or video. If you absolutely do not want to be filmed, please reach out to us.

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Ocean Protocol v2 Compute-to-Data Technical Workshop

Online event

In this special Ocean Protocol technical webinar, we will introduce and demonstrate how you can leverage the new “compute to data” feature of Ocean Protocol (aka v2) to monetise and grant access to private data without sharing the underlying datasets. Ocean v2 acts as the data access control and compute orchestration layer for secure remote execution of (privacy-preserving) data pipelines on data that can't be seen by the buyer/consumer. During the webinar you will learn: - What’s new in Ocean v2 Compute-to-Data - New opportunities for data marketplaces and data consumers - Paths to privacy-preserving compute on private data - Demos by Ocean team & community AGENDA: PART 1 Welcome & Intro <> 10 min Architecture & Features <> 25 min Data Science portal (JupyterLab) walk-through <> 15 min Q&A - Discussion <> 20 min PART 2 Demo + Q&A (internal) <> 20 min Demo + Q&A (community) <> 30 min Opportunities to BUIDL on Ocean v2 <> 10 min

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