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Hey, we're the Oddizens, the oddest denizens of the South Bay Area, California since November 2015! We are a gender diverse and queer-friendly group of geeks, gamers and crafters. Our events are predominantly hosted in San Jose, Santa Clara and surrounding areas, potentially ranging as far south as Los Gatos to as far north as Palo Alto. We enjoy board games, roleplaying games, crafting, drawing, writing, sci-fi/fantasy media, good food, and intelligent (if sometimes silly & eccentric) conversation.

Prospective Members: Please read this introduction in its entirety so you understand the nature of our group BEFORE you apply.

Our Mission: We are a group of cisgender female, transgender, nonbinary and intersex geeks, gamers and crafters based in the South Bay Area. We play (and teach) various tabletop games, meet at cafes to work on creative projects, and strive to provide an accepting and compassionate space for people of marginalized genders and sexualities to enjoy our activities in peace. We treat one another with respect by acknowledging that social inequality ( exists, and by recognizing our intersecting identities ( as equally valid and important.

Note: Our events are predominantly members-only, but guests may be allowed if the event host(s) approve and all attendees are informed that non-member(s) will be present.

Our Values: These 5 concepts guide the types of events we offer and the principles we strive to uphold.
- Solidarity: in recognizing and celebrating our differences.
- Enthusiasm: for our favorite hobbies and activities.
- Creativity: as a means for relaxation and self-expression.
- Compassion: for those different than ourselves; for those going through difficult circumstances.
- Advocacy: for cisgender female, transgender, nonbinary and intersex geeks, gamers and crafters.

Our Principles: We hold these statements to be true at all times, and strive to uphold these truths by word and example. We reserve the right to remove those who prove unwilling to honor our principles from our events and membership.
- Gender is is neither inherently nor solely connected to one’s physical anatomy, and is ultimately self-determined.
- The gender binary system (in which one can only be male or female, not both, neither, or somewhere in between) is insufficient to describe the broad spectrum of genders people can be.
- We acknowledge and validate a person's gender by using the correct terms and pronouns associated with that gender. (It is appropriate to ask which terms or pronouns to use if uncertain.)
- Love between people, and sex between consenting adults, are acceptable whether those involved are of the same gender or of different genders.
- We acknowledge the existence of social inequality, and do our very best to alleviate that inequality by learning about, listening to, and taking cues from those less privileged than ourselves.
- As an intersectional group, we recognize that being marginalized in one way does not exempt us from potentially marginalizing others, and practice mindfulness and compassion toward others to avoid this.
- We respect one another’s boundaries regarding what personal information we are comfortable sharing, what interactions we are comfortable with having, and what labels we are comfortable identifying with.
- Genuine mistakes or misunderstandings regarding one's personal traits, identities, pronouns, etc. will be met with straightforward correction and, if possible, resources for self-learning.
- We respond swiftly to allegations of hate speech, harassment and abuse. These will be investigated seriously, and the physical and emotional well-being of the victim(s) will factor strongly in our response.
- Our events and member list are absolutely not intended for use as a dating service.

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