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What we’re about

We are a queer-inclusive, gender diverse, and neurodiverse group of geeks, gamers, and crafters based in the South Bay Area, California.

We are much more active on our Discord server, so joining our server is a good way to get to know our community. Just use our invite link:

We play and teach tabletop games with a newbie-friendly mindset, hang out and craft at local, independent cafes and shops, enjoy leisurely outdoor activities, and collaborate with queer-positive organizations in our area to provide a comfortable, welcoming space for people of marginalized identities to socialize with like-minded peers.

Our Values: We hold these statements to be self-evident and strive to uphold them by word and by example. We reserve our right to remove people from our events and membership who willfully act or express beliefs contrary to our values.

1. Queer genders are valid. You can identify as a gender that is neither male nor female, as multiple genders, as a spectrum of genders that changes in composition and/or intensity over time, or not identify with gender at all.
2. Queer attraction is valid. You can be attracted to one gender, to multiple genders, or romantically attracted to different gender(s) than you are sexually attracted to. You can experience only romantic attraction, only sexual attraction, or not experience attraction at all. You can be romantically and/or sexually intimate with one person or multiple people who knowingly consent, and are of legal age to consent, to that interaction.
3. Your gender identity is valid whether or not it matches the gender you were assigned at birth, the gender marker on your official documents, or the gender people think you are based on your physical traits, mannerisms, or sense of style. You are not required to take hormones or have surgery to affirm your gender unless you deem it necessary to do so.
4. We show our respect for the identities of others by using the names, pronouns and terms they tell us to use. Adjusting our language to accommodate them takes a negligible amount of effort and reassures them that we accept them as they are.
5. We believe that dominant social groups (such as able, cisgender, heterosexual, male, neurotypical, and white people) benefit from greater accessibility, opportunity, safety, social influence, wealth, and other privileges than marginalized groups (such as disabled, transgender, gay, non-male, neurodiverse, and Black people) do not.
6. We oppose the stigmatization of mental illness and neurodiversity. We welcome people to speak openly about these topics when they can do so safely, so that the challenges of living with atypical brain chemistry are recognized, acknowledged and addressed.
7. Regardless of how we identify, we are still capable of excluding, discriminating against, perpetuating harmful stereotypes about, or using outdated, offensive terms to refer to marginalized groups we do not belong to. We remain receptive to corrections and continued learning about the diverse identities our community represents.
8. Each person is affected by a different set of triggers and has different levels of tolerance for being exposed to those triggers. We use content/trigger warnings as a courtesy to allow people to opt out of subject matter they find disturbing or traumatic.
9. We respond swiftly to allegations of hate speech, harassment, and abuse. We take these matters seriously when brought to our attention, and always prioritize the safety and well-being of the victim(s) when formulating our response.

Code of Conduct: All Oddizens members (and their guests) are expected to abide by our Code of Conduct when participating in our events and communications.

Read the full text of the Code here: