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What we’re about

Ofek unit members and graduates possess various qualities and are of high professional level. The unit graduates take a powerful part in the workforce and in the general population. Out of the above rose the Ofek Alumni Association, aspiring to leverage the unit graduates: - The association acts for the graduates and with their help The association vision includes: - Providing a professional social network for the unit graduates o Our graduates are integrated in various domains and positions in the industry, allowing diverse enrichment of the entire graduate population. o We believe that together – the alumni – can benefit from each other, providing each one with an additional leverage. - Providing a safe and supporting place for any graduate needing personal assistance. - Preserving the unit legacy and esprit de corps - Magnifying the perceived quality and value of Ofek unit graduates in the high-tech industry, the general industry, and the general population In doing so, the Ofek Alumni Association aims to contribute to the Ofek unit: - Whether by direct mutual enrichment, or by strengthening the cognitive connection of unit graduates achievements and the fact that they are Ofek unit graduates. May we all experience growth, success and gratification throughout the way. Feel free to contact us.