What we're about

This is a group for people in their 20s & early 30s looking to bond with cool new friends over quirky, fun activities. We're less about the happy hours and meeting over drinks (though they're bound to happen informally) and more about the strange, fun things you've always wanted to try doing (giant games of street tag, anyone?).

Activities can range from the casual (hikes, game nights, karaoke nights, etc.) to the more offbeat (puzzle hunts, obstacle courses, murder mysteries, real life games, etc.). If this sounds right up your alley, come join us for some random fun!


FAQ (If you have other questions, contact the organizers)

• How often are there events?

There are events whenever an organizer has an event to host. So it varies and depends on our organizers' schedules. Most of our events are "offbeat" in nature, so they also tend to take more planning (and therefore might not occur that often). Generally, we try to have on average at least one event each week. Most events fall on the weekends and sometimes on weeknights.

You can see a list of all of our upcoming events on our calendar:


We update the list rather sporadically, so we encourage members to check our calendar weekly for fun things to do! We also try to announce events 1-2 weeks in advance, so also look out for email notifications about those.

If you'd like to see more events, consider hosting some! Contact Michelle and/or Peter about hosting events. We're happy to help you get started!

• How much do events cost?

We strive to create an environment where fun is as accessible as possible, so most events tend to be free or very affordable! On occasions for really big complex events, we tend to charge more. Whatever we make goes back to investing in the group and paying Meetup fees to keep the group running. The organizers don't make any money off the group.

For events that cost money to organize, we will ask all attendees to pay in advance to confirm their spot and help us plan. We will always try our best to keep costs reasonable.

Please see our Payment Policy for more information:



Are there certain events you want to see? Vote for them or add them here:


Have ideas for events? Want to host events and make fun happen?

Consider becoming an organizer! (Or if you want to just create one-off events, click on the "Suggest a New Meetup" button.) New ideas are always encouraged! As long as it's fun, we'll do it.

If you're interested in becoming an organizer, contact Michelle and/or Peter about hosting events. We're happy to help you get started!

Let's build a community of people who take action and make interesting things happen!


Most activities will center around the Peninsula and South Bay to bring more fun to the area. Occasionally, we may expand our reach as fit.

Upcoming events (4+)

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: "Tall Tales, Whoppers & Famous Haunts" tour (South SJ)

New Alamaden Community Center

Maintain social distance. Wear your mask. Use hand sanitizer.


Are you ready to be spooked with New Almaden's whoppers, ghost stories, and a cemetery tour?

Tour the old historic mining 1824 New Almaden village with author, docent and park historian Mike Boulland. We are lucky to have toured with Mike in 2015 and 2017- 2019 and his "substitute" in 2020. Now, he has added some new "Ting" dragon tales and we are doing it again.

Enjoy an entertaining evening while visiting the Hacienda Cemetery and the old mining town sites. Listen to the historical evidence about the early pioneer mining family's stories and decide which facts are the truth or whoppers!

For fun, wear a Halloween costume. Suggestions: miner/49er, a scary costume, wear clothing from the era or wear whatever costume you would wear to a Halloween party.

Park at the parking lot across from St Anthony's church (21727 Bertram Rd) by 4:45pm. To start things off, Mike will tell short stories. Please be on time. New Almaden is far from most of San Jose, even though it's a part of San Jose.

Please use the restroom facilities before attending. There's a perma-a-potty at the Hacienda entrance of Almaden Quicksilver, but not guaranteed to be open.

Sunset is at 6:12PM, so bring a flashlight or use a flashlight app for the tour. It may be cool, so please dress appropriately. Tour ends at 8:00 pm. As slots are limited, please do not no-show or "crash" the event. No +1 guests. Members only. RSVPs limited. Cell phones do not work in this remote part of San Jose.

You can eat a bar or snack during the tour, but it's best to eat before/after this tour.

Or join us for a pre-event takeout dinner at 3:45PM at Chipotle Mexican Grill, 1110 Blossom Hill Rd #30, San Jose. Then follow this route to the Meetup location. Carpooling is recommended, so you don't get lost. Route: https://goo.gl/maps/RJNE6NAudA22

Or carpool from Kingwood Dr in Santa Clara. Ask Peter F for details.


Ghastly history told by our docent

Ghost tour

Mammy Pleasant

Mammy Pleasant - Wikipedia

Mammy Pleasant - Beltane Ranch


Anything Fun at Tall Tales, Whoppers, and Famous Haunts, Oct 2015 (PC: Stan)

Scary, scary, Oct 2017 (PC: Stan)

Anything Fun at Tall Tales, Whoppers, and Famous Haunts, Oct 2017 (PC: Stan)

The light on the 2nd floor mysteriously goes on at Casa Grande, Oct 2018 (PC: Stan)

Tall Tales tour, Oct 2018 (PC: Stan)

costume contest winner, Oct 2019 (PC: Henry/Stan)

cemetery scene, Oct 2019 (PC: Elizabeth F)

Scary, scary, Oct 2019 (PC: Haritha H)

Tall Tales tour, Oct 2019 (PC: Stan)

Scary, Oct 2020 (PC: Stan)

Mission Offbeat: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse! (Humans vs. Zombies Nerf Games)

We survived the 2020 apocalypse, but can we survive a zombie one!?

Dusk has just broken. Everything is eerie silent. Out of the rubble, you try to rebuild. Only to discover that things are no longer the same. There are zombies in your midst! Armed with your scant weapons, can you survive the zombie apocalypse and live to tell the tale?

*** IMPORTANT: For everyone's safety and comfort, please only come if you've been fully vaccinated and have no symptoms. We will not be checking, so please play by the honor system. Likewise, please do not come if you do not feel comfortable being around a large group unmasked. ***


Humans vs. Zombies is back after experiencing a real virus apocalypse! We'll play out a full-fledged scenario from the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse to its dying resolution. Will the human species survive, or will the zombies overrun the desolate wasteland that was once humanity? Come play and find out!

If we have time, we will play out several other smaller games and missions. If you have ideas of variations you want to play, let us know.

Brief notes about game play (full rules explained at the event):

- We'll be trying out some high tech versions of the games this year!
- Everyone is expected to WALK ONLY. No running!
- Humans will be randomly assigned weapons (Nerf guns).


Cost: $10 per person

When you RSVP, be sure to send $10 through Venmo @michelleth or PayPal (http://paypal.me/michelleth/10/).

We need the payments in advance to hold this event, so we will remove your RSVP if we do not receive your payment. Refer to our payment and refund policy here: https://www.meetup.com/Offbeat-Fun/about/


- Warm clothes (it'll probably get chilly). Dress up if you want!
- Water
- A great attitude, and be ready to scare/be scared! :D

Everything else will be provided. :)

All participants accept sole responsibility for their actions and any consequences that may result. The organizer(s), event host(s), and other members of this group are not liable for any injuries you may sustain, damage you may cause, or criminal charges incurred otherwise while participating in this event. By attending this event, you agree to these terms. You will be required to provide a verbal confirmation accepting this agreement and/or a signed waiver before being allowed to participate when we meet for this event.

Are there certain events you want to see? Vote for them or add them here: http://wishlist.offbeat.fun/

Movie & potluck: "Love & Basketball" (2000) - O.D.C.A.B #4

Somewhere in Santa Clara

O.D.C.A.B. = One Dollar Critically Acclaimed Blu-ray


"Confident directing and acting deliver an insightful look at young athletes."

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ur83i6_BjbE

Links to info:


Our movie night events are always a big hit and fill up fast! I hope this new movie night series will let more people come out and have a good time.

Before the movie, we'll do a potluck dinner starting at 7 PM. You can come to hang out and make new friends before showtime. Then the movie will start at 8 PM.

If you’ll be coming for dinner, bring some food or drink to share! Also, please post a comment telling us what type of food/drink you’ll bring, to make sure we don’t all bring the same thing.

Please only attend if you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Note: Please keep your RSVP updated! If you no longer plan to attend, change your RSVP to “not going” or remove yourself from the waitlist. We’ll assign a strike if you remove your RSVP at the last minute (< 48 hours) or if you no-show. For events with a waitlist, we'll assign two strikes for no-shows. See our RSVP policy here: https://www.meetup.com/Offbeat-Fun/about/

RSVPs will open up 2 weeks before the event date.

Play Telephone in Toki Pona (language with only 120 worlds)

Somewhere in Santa Clara

Toki Pona is a minimalist constructed language made in 2001. The author, Canadian linguist Sonja Lang, describes it as her "attempt to understand the meaning of life in 120 words." There are thousands of speakers and an active online community. The language is so small, you could learn the whole thing in a week!

This is the fourth event in the series. You should already be familiar with material from the first two events. Here's a folder of Toki Pona stuff I made:

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