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From Robert Kiyosaki, Author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

CASHFLOW® 101 and CASHFLOW® 202 (The Advanced Game)

“What most of us were taught … about money … hasn’t worked out as promised.” Join us for a fun and engaging experience that will help you transform your money attitudes as you raise your financial I.Q. Make unexpected shifts in your money attitudes, raise your financial intelligence quickly, and learn how to make money work for you and your family.

Playing the CASHFLOW® 101 game mirrors back to you how you have been interacting with money. This is a lifetime of priceless financial experience compressed into an education simulation game. Playing this game is a SAFE and FUN way to learn how to get out of the “Rat Race” and onto the “Fast Track of Life.” A casual discussion throughout the game will help assimilate the game experiences and discoveries. No preparation necessary. Honor the process with more time, and you will have more profound (real life) results.

This specially designed board game, developed by Robert Kiyosaki, author of best‑selling “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and “The Cashflow® Quadrant”, allows you to safely … (with play money!) … experiment with new strategies/opportunities to make money work for you.

Join a group of like‑minded individuals for a game. Send an email to MarleneATrice@gmail.com, for address and directions. And you can request to play either CASHFLOW® 101, or CASHFLOW® 202, the Advanced Game.

A NEW and FUN way to make a quantum leap in your financial life.

“You tell me, and I forget.

You teach me, and I remember.

You involve me, and I learn.”

– Benjamin Franklin

You’ve NEVER played the game like this.

Perhaps you’ve read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” Maybe you’ve heard about CASHFLOW® 101 – maybe you’ve even played it at your kitchen table. The power of this game is not in the knowing, it’s not in the doing, it’s in the tapping into the deepest inner thoughts you are having about money.

You can want financial abundance. You can study new ways of making money. None of it will make a difference if you don’t first stretch your context. The context is how you’ve gotten the results you have today. If you desire something different than what you have, it’s going to take finding out what’s really in your head that keeps you stopped from producing the abundance you dream of.

Do you want out of the Rat Race? Are you tired of the Rats winning? If there were a simple way to take your financial affairs to the next level, would you recognize it? Are you confused by terminology used by financial planners and advisors? Are you ready to take control of your own financial future and become financially free?

Unlike many other education opportunities that are data dumps, this Game Night focuses on shifting your money beliefs, money strategies, and money rules. You will leave this evening with more than insights to your financial concerns. Million dollar ideas will unfold before your eyes, and more importantly, you’ll know how to make it your million, not someone else’s.

This game provides you a decade of financial experiences compressed into an educational simulation game. Playing this game mirrors back to you how you have been interacting with money. Finally, a SAFE and FUN way to learn how to get out of the “Rat Race” and on to the “Fast Track” of Life! It’s one thing to have the proper mindset. It’s quite another to know exactly what to do to become rich.

CASHFLOW® 101 gives you easy-to-follow guidelines for implementing your own business and real estate systems. Plus, you’ll be able to review real life case studies from different angles, and various strategies. No two amazing games are exactly alike … You will soon start to think “outside of the box.” CASHFLOW® 101 shows you the steps everyone else overlooks.

The game CASHFLOW® 101 teaches the basics of fundamental investing. You learn through proper cashflow management, how to take control of your personal finances and buy real estate. Plus you learn the basics of buying stocks. Through playing the game you will become more confident in investing in real estate and other businesses. Robert Kiyosaki states: "While money has the power to make you a slave to it ...it also has the power to set you free." CASHFLOW® 101 was created to teach people how to become a master of money and elevate their financial I.Q."

The CASHFLOW® 202 Game is the Advanced Game. Once you have become comfortable with changing your financial numbers when playing CASHFLOW® 101, it’s time to move up to CASHFLOW® 202. You’ll learn more investing strategies, be able to partner with others to do deals, and play on a more intense level.

CASHFLOW® 202 is the first educational product that will teach you what few people will ever learn, how to profit when the markets crash.

Robert Kiyosaki's rich dad often said, “Anyone can make money when the markets are going up. The real investors get rich when the markets come down… and when the markets come down, they come down much faster than when they went up.”

CASHFLOW® 101 teaches you the basics of financial literacy, understanding how a financial statement works, training you to manage your money as a rich person, giving you the basics for running your own business, and teaching you what professional investors call “fundamental investing.”

CASHFLOW® 202 teaches you how to lower your risk and improve your investment returns, regardless if the markets are going up or crashing down. You will learn the skills and mental tools of a technical investor… skills such as “short selling”, “call options”, “put options”, and “straddles”. In the investor’s terms, these investment techniques are called “hedges against risk.” In the world of average people, they are called “insurance against risk.” The average investor thinks investing is risky because they invest without any insurance. The average investor would not drive a car without auto insurance or live without medical insurance, yet they often invest without investment insurance.

Professional investors protect their position and make money if the markets suddenly go up or come down. By playing CASHFLOW® 202 many times, you will also learn how to protect your position from sudden changes in the markets as well as profit while others are losing. As Warren Buffet says, “The best way to make money is to not lose it.”

Obviously, CASHFLOW® 101 and 202 cannot guarantee your investment success. But by mastering both games and playing with play money, you can gain a basic understanding of both fundamental investing and technical investing that most investors do not have… investors who are playing with real money. Most importantly, you will have greater confidence in yourself when the markets start going down instead of up. You will have more self-confidence simply because you will have a better understanding of the markets and the investment tools and strategies available to you.

Play CASHFLOW® repeatedly, master the skills of the technical investor, and then practice what you have learned in the real world. It may take some time to learn these skills, but it is better to learn and be prepared for market changes than to live in fear of being wiped out financially. CASHFLOW® 101 and CASHFLOW® 202 give you the basic financial education to learn to be a rich and confident investor.

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Cashflow 101 & Cashflow 202 Game Night

Keaton Corporate Park

Cashflow 101 & Cashflow 202 Game Night

Keaton Corporate Park

Cashflow 101 & Cashflow 202 Game Night

Keaton Corporate Park

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