What we're about


• A community of kayakers, primarily from Northeast Ohio... who desire to be active year-round.

• Devoted to Safety & Education first, but always seeking Fun & Adventure.

• Inclusive of all kayakers (beginners, intermediate, advanced) who wish to advance their kayak skills & to upgrade their gear.

• Where do we paddle? Wherever there is water!! Lakes, rivers, creeks, canals, etc.

• Activities are planned for both time on the water and time socializing in other settings.

• Opportunities for educational & training programs will be offered... both in the classroom and on the water from other organizations. Varied topics will be covered to help further your kayaking skills, regardless of your current level.

• Generally, events are organized right here in Northeast Ohio. However on occasion, we will expand our horizons to include surrounding states & even overnight trips (camping or hotel)

• Committed to collaboration with ODNR, ACA, USPS, local Metro Parks & outfitters, and also other boating groups that are in alignment with our goals.


• You should always follow Ohio boating laws & regulations. Safety is always a priority.

• By becoming a member of this group, you must accept responsibility for your own safety,
always recognizing your own limits. This is a social paddling group and we are not guides, rescue, or emergency medical technicians.

• You should be respectful of the event host & your fellow paddlers. Please be ready to launch at the departure time. Come prepared. If not able to attend, please change your RSVP to "No".

• You need to consider your part in financially supporting the costs of this group. Each member will be expected to donate $5-10 per year. This is not mandatory however.


• You have your own kayak/gear or have access to the same.

• You post a headshot picture, by yourself... along with a basic introductory statement.

• You answer all questions within the Profile Section.

Upcoming events (1)

ROCHESTER, NY - Kayak/Gear shopping @ BayCreek Paddling

Needs a location

This is our ANNUAL trip to shop for new kayaks & gear. We love this place!! (Unfortunately, we don't have closer stores...) They have great expertise in sea & recreational kayaks, along with tons of paddles, jackets & other gear.


These dates are not fixed yet, but I wanted to post to determine those interested persons. Classes/instructions are available at the center too. We'll plan to share lodging for anyone interested & also check out some of the local sites & restaurants/breweries. It's always lots of fun!!

More details to follow in coming months. David


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