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"Live a Good Life". That is the goal of Stoicism. This active philosophy is not only highly effective at helping people flourish through the day to day frustrations and challenges of life, it also has a fascinating place in history. The timeline of ancient Stoicism runs from about 330 BC to 200 AD (over 500 yrs!) but it's advice is as relevant now as it was then. A tranquil life is possible if we regard ourselves as creatures who rely on both reason and our innate social connection as a framework to flourishing in our time. This group is intended for; 1) Practicing Stoics who would like to meet with people who are also benefiting from a Stoic approach to life, 2) People who have heard of Stoicism and would like to talk with people who have experience with the philosophy (just Google Stoicism when you have a few minutes and you may find yourself in this category).

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Stoic Week Oct 19-25, 2020. **See Notes

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