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Here finally is a place to find and get together with fellow pinball enthusiasts. Whether you are a veteran pinhead or merely curious, whether you own games or not, you are invited to join this local pinball community. We will be meeting to socialize, play pinball, and have some fun!

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Cactus Jack's Fall Face-Off 2021 Match-Play Tournament

Cactus Jack's

This tournament will feature a full day of match play competition. It will essentially play like a 1 day Silverball Showdown. 4 rounds of match play qualifying with each round played on a bank of 4 machines in groups of 4. IFPA scoring, ie. [masked]. At the end of 4 rounds, the top 12 (subject to change based on total number of players) after any tiebreakers will move on to the A finals. The top 4 will receive a bye(assuming 12 advance to the finals) The finals will be simultaneous match play but otherwise will be conducted similarly to qualifying with the top 2 from each group after each round advancing until only 4 players remain. Those players will play one final bank to determine final positions 1-4.
Players who did not qualify for A will be invited to play in the B finals which will be conducted as a 7-strike(progressive) group knockout tournament.

A Finals rounds will be played on randomly selected banks.

The top 2 qualifiers will get to eliminate one bank each from the finals pool.

Tiebreakers will be a single game on a randomly selected EM machine.

Introducing: Cactus Jack's Team League
Needs a date and time

Cactus Jack's

Calling all team Captains! We are starting a new team league concept. The team recruiting process will start immediately. Once teams are established, we will start having head-to-head team meets in a round robin format. At each meet, 2 teams of 4 players will face off on 8 randomly selected machines. Each machine will be a 2 vs 2, 4-player game in which teammates scores, after applied handicap(yes, handicaps!) are combined together and the team with the highest combined score earns a win on that machine for their team. At the end of the season (round robin or double round robin, depending on the number of teams competing) the team with the most cumulative wins will be League Champions!

This league will be run by the team Captains. Each team Captain will coordinate the date and time of their next meet with their opponent's team Captain. The team Captain will also be responsible for fielding their team of 4 players, and making sure their players are familiar with the software as necessary. Since everyone has differing availability, alternates will likely be required.

Therefore, I need volunteers to be a team Captain. If you have some friends that would like some fun, friendly, social team competition, then sign up and start recruiting your team! I am not particularly interested in this being teams of 4 OPE vets. Instead, lets use this format as an opportunity to get new blood; friends, co-workers, etc involved.

Once I have enough teams signed up, I will be inviting the Captains to my house for a social gathering where we will get familiar with the software and discuss logistics and have some fun!

Step forward, Captains!

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