What we're about

The goal of this group is to create a community where cyclist of all types can socialize and meet other like minded cyclist. This group is for anyone interested in road cycling, off-road cycling, mountain biking, single track, bikepacking and touring of all levels. There are many groups around the metro that have regular organized bike rides for all levels and styles of cycling so, that will generally not be the focus of this group. Our focus is more of a social group where cyclist of all types and levels can meet and network with other cyclist and in the process find others who have similar riding styles that they can then go out do their own thing and organize their own rides. I think this group will be especially beneficial to people who like to tour and bikepack and are looking for a way to meet and get to know others to travel and tour with and to learn from more experienced riders.

Event Types:

Afternoon Rides = A ride near the OKC metro that can be done in less than a day with little to no driving outside the metro to get there.

Day Trips = Rides that may require driving outside the metro but not so far that you can't ride and come back to the metro same day.

Excursions = Trips far enough away that require staying overnight but the ride itself last less than a day.

Touring/Bikepacking = Trips that may require driving outside the metro to attend and may also require staying overnight either camping or hotel overnight during the ride.

Riding Type:

Singletrack = Riding single path dirt hiking type paths. This will be the most frequent Riding Type for this group.

Gravel Grinder = Riding unpaved roads or wider non paved dedicated bike paths.

Paved Bike Path = Riding on a paved dedicated bike path. Paved bike paths will not mix with auto traffic except for possible very short distances.

Street Riding = Riding streets that mostly mix in with auto traffic. This will be rare type of riding unless it is a touring event.

Support Type:

Unsupported = There is no vehicle support for the ride. Riders must carry everything they need for the duration of the ride. Riders must be 100% self sufficient, no back up support at all.

Semi Supported = A vehicle may be used to transport bags and gear to a way point or destination but does not follow the ride or allow drop out support between way points. Riders must be self sufficient and carry everything they will possible need between way points or to reach the destination where support vehicle is avaliable.

Fully Supported = A vehicle may be used to transport gear and bags and will ride along with the group and may be able to provide mechanical, nutritional, hydration and or well drop out support.

Upcoming events (1)

36 Mile Paved dedicated bike trail Northwest Arkansas Razorback Greenway

This event date is TBD depending on the response I get. This is a 36 mile dedicated bike path between Fayetteville, Arkansas and Bentonville. I have never ridden this, or even seen it before. Because of this, I may limit the group to 5 or 6 unless we have someone along who is familiar with the trail in its entirety. I am not a hardcore rider, what I am thinking is taking one day to go the entire 36 miles one way, enjoy dinner, drinks and a hot tub at a hotel somewhere close to the trail. Then, ride back 36 miles the next day, or something along those lines. If we are lucky maybe we could find a volunteer to ferry luggage back and forth for us. If not, we will have to bikepack it. I am thinking either early spring when the flowers are nice and before it gets too hot or in the fall when the leaves are turning. If you are at all interested please share your thoughts with me. And, as always, keep in mind this group has a no rider left behind policy. This is a link for the trail. http://www.nwatrails.org/trail/razorback-regional-greenway/

Past events (21)

Cyclepaths night out the pub for $5. Burgers

Bricktown Brewery - Midwest City

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