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Want to be a Real Estate Investor? Group Coaching & Workshop Series
Hello all investors! I rarely self-promote…too modest I guess, but I always regret not letting people know about some of our paid events when I get, “Hey, why didn’t you tell me about this earlier…” So, here comes the shameless plug (the new baby girl made me do it!), we are starting our next round of Group Coaching and Workshop (info below). ----Starting shameless plug---- We’re well-known locally (and even internationally, that’s another funny story) as the go-to real estate investing coaches and mentors (1 of us is for sure an expert, and it’s not me…wink). We have hundreds of successful local students who trust and recommend us; otherwise, we would have been ‘run out of town!’ long ago. Who was it that said it’s hard to sell or preach in your own town? Must be those fly-by-night out-of-state real estate guru’s you see on TV wanting to charge you 50k+ for coaching; who, by the way, probably doesn’t know the local market. Anyhow, I always say, when you are ready for a 50K+ coach or mastermind, you’re already a millionaire. Start small and level up. You probably don’t need level 7 knowledge if you’re still level 2. By the way, you only need to get to level 3 to be financially free and maybe a millionaire (how do you measure that again? Just depends on your goals!). If you’re ready to take action, call us quick! We start this Saturday, June 30th with only a few spots left! Contact info below. Invest in your future! -Ron ----Ending shameless plug---- Want to be a Real Estate Investor? Stop Dreaming & Take Action! Learn about real estate investing, rehabbing, rentals, wholesaling, marketing, finding deals, deal analysis, calculate ARV & values, negotiating deals, live calls, property tours, exit strategies, budgeting, working with realtors, working with wholesalers, working with your team, contract review, finding money, how to talk to bankers, financials, insurance policies, land-lording, tenant screening, property management, lease signing, move in/out, evictions & more. Additional: contracts, networking, goal setting, personality test, vision statement, vision board, self-development, life coaching, business coaching, mentoring, accountability & more. Next Group Coaching Class Starting June 30th, 2018 6 Months of Workshop & Group Coaching • Bi-weekly 4-hour workshops every other Saturday 12-4 PM. 12 sessions of 48 hours of training! • Bi-weekly 2-hour group coaching sessions (divided into smaller groups, day & times). 12 sessions of 24 hours of coaching! • Get access to our network & contacts, recommended vendors & contractors, paperwork & contracts, & so much more! • Private access to our cell phones for support. We are known to be easily accessible. We're local. We create relationships! • We record the 4-hr workshops on video so you won't miss anything! Access anytime! More Info: Regular pricing: $3,000 individual $3,500 for a couple or true partnership Returning student pricing $500 off Please contact us if you are interested! [masked][masked] Let's visit or phone or coffee and see if real estate investing is right for you. Pick our brains! Ron & Angelina Harris Renascent Mastermind #renascentmastermind #spearheadrealty #workshop #realestateinvestor #mentor #okcrei


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Welcome to the Oklahoma Real Estate Agent Network
This Meetup is for Realtors, Real Estate Agents or anyone wanting to learn more about becoming an agent. Leverage the power of a quality peer group, networking, and education on how to be a successful real estate agent.

Free to attend. No Charge. Bring a like-minded guest!

The peer group has 4 main goals:

• Practical business development guidance for real estate agents

• Develop strong business relationships

• Network and benefit from peer group knowledge and expertise

• Meetings are structured, educational and productive

The Oklahoma Real Estate Agent Network wants agents to establish business relationships and maximize real estate business success. Events are dedicated to maximizing the use of time and resources to get preferred business relationships and cultivate long lasting quality relationships, always in a relaxed, fun, and enjoyable environment! Interact with fellow agents to find solutions to the challenges you face. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective to solve a problem.

Our events:

• Mingle with like-minded individuals and create strong business relationships

• Reach everyone in the meetup through simple introductions

• Take part in our highly successful interactive, inspirational and educational programs

• Learn more about the mindset and skills of business ownership

• Learn about and create strategic alliances

• Become a spotlight speaker and promote your business

• Periodically, we will have other events such as feature workshops and mastermind sessions.

This is the most productive real estate agent group you will find in Oklahoma. Drop by our next meeting and see for yourself! Looking forward to helping you expand your business through great conversations and peer-group mindset..

Free to attend. No Charge. Bring a like-minded guest!

Enjoy the day, continue to learn and grow!

Ron & Angelena Harris
Renascent Entrepreneur’s

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