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Who We Are: The Hash House Harriers formed in the 1930’s and has spread to nearly every major city worldwide, including Frederick, MD. We are a very fun group of men and women of all ages and fitness levels. Some run the trails, some walk. The group (known as a Kennel) has walkers, marathoners and everything in between. We are about having fun regardless of your age (21 minimum), physical condition, political affiliations, etc. The Hash is non-competitive. We are a very informal and diverse group.

How It Works: Once a month (unless someone gets spunky and wants to Hare an extra trail) we run in a different area and we don’t know the route beforehand. Only the people who mark the trail (known as Hares) know it. The rest of us need to find it by following marks made with flour, chalk and paper. As the group (known as a Pack/individuals are Harriers or Harriettes) chases the Hares, various checkpoints will be encountered. These mean the trail can go in any direction. This is designed to allow the faster people to get a little extra exercise, and for those who are a little slower to catch up. Hashers use teamwork to find the True Trail and ultimately, the beer at the end of the trail. There are Beer Checks dispersed along the way where everyone regroups for a short break with liquid refreshments. The Hash ends with a final gathering (known as Circle). We sing frivolous songs and drink beer, while praising or “punishing” each other for good or stupid things done during the run.

Stuff To Know: The Hash House Harriers is to Hare and Hounds as Cards Against Humanity is to Apples to Apples. Hashers have a vulgar sense of humor, and we wear it on our sleeves during Hashes. Expect to experience R-rated drinking songs, rude gestures, dirty language, and lots of innuendo, all in the name of fun and laughter. If you’re easily offended, this group probably isn’t for you. If you like Cards Against Humanity, you’ll fit right in.

When We Do It: Once a month @ 2PM, unless otherwise ordered.

You can find more info at https://sites.google.com/view/ofh3/home

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Trail 296 - Enterthighs & Mi Salsa - Making Margaritas/Making Salsa

Trail 296 - Cinco plus Cinco plus Cinco de Mayo - Year of OFs Best Of Margarita and Best Of Salsa making

When: 15 May 2021 - Gather @ 2PM / Hares away 2:15PM / Pack away at 2:30PM

Where: Cinco plus Cinco plus Cinco South Church Street, Westminster MD 21157

Hares: Enterthighs [masked]) and Mi Salsa

Hash Cash: $5 / Virgins are $0

Why: We need to celebrate Cinco plus Cinco plus Cinco de Mayo
Westminster is a little far, but… We promise you won’t be disappointed with our shitty trail, and the contests Special Ed Forces has cooked up this month.
Trail is A to A. There will be shots! There will be beer! There may be dance checks and possibly boobies. There will be a Turkey/Eagle split. True turkey is about 4 miles. True Eagle isn’t done yet, but we promise it will be longer than 4 miles. Shiggy level is about a -1, unless we change our minds, so bring extra shoes and tick spray just in case. The trail will be dog friendly as long as your dog is on a leash, and doesn’t bark while Special Ed Forces is talking. Remember, we are celebrating Cinco plus Cinco plus Cinco de Mayo, so dress accordingly.
The on after will be held at Cinco plus Cinco plus Cinco South Church Street and will include a Salsa competition as well as a margarita completion. Feel free to bring any other festive sharables. Te Veo Pronto Wankers!

Additional Info: This is the fifth trail of 2021 and the 9th and 10th events in the Year of OFs. There is a competition to see who can make the best margaritas and a competition to see who can make the best salsa! So that we can have a modicum of fairness, the margarita recipe you enter needs to conform to the IBA regulations. That means tequila, lime juice and triple sec are the *main* ingredients. If you wanna' get all fancy and make a strawberry/mango/jalapeno margarita, go for it! Just make sure the three basic ingredients are in there. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margarita Feel free to participate in one or both of the competitions!

Go here (https://sites.google.com/view/ofh3/year-of-ofs) for an explanation of this new set of shenanigans.

Trail 297 - June First Friday trail granted by Palm Pilot - Donut Theme

What - Trail 297 - Donut theme on First Saturday
When - 5 June, 2021 Gather @ 2PM, Hares away @ 2:15PM, Pack away @ 2:30PM
Where - This will be somewhere in DTF (downtown Frederick). Once Palm gives the deets, we'll get them posted.
Hare - Palm Pilot
Hash Cash - $5 / Virgins $0

Extra Info: Palm Pilot is going to treat us to an extra trail. Donut theme!

Trail 298 - Hares Wanted - Year of OF Best of Shuttle Run w/Eating & Drinking

Information will be posted as we get it from the Hare(s).

Trail 299 - Ass Wide Shut - Another Extra Trail

Needs a location

What - Trail 299 (another extra trail)
When - 26 June, 2021 Gather @ 2PM, Hares away @ 2:15PM, Pack away @ 2:30PM
Where - Somewhere around Clarksburg, MD
Hare - Ass Wide Shut
Hash Cash - $5 / Virgins $0

Extra Info - Ass Wide Shut is treating us to another extra trail this month.

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