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This group has now been closed and replaced with the new and larger London Blockchain Meetup.

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Blockchain in the real world: case study of a successful Blockchain project

Good afternoon and I hope this finds you all well. My name is Ed and I run the Blockchain Meetup in Buckinghamshire. This London Meetup was left without an organiser. I'm keen to see if there is an interest in the group still, so have asked Areiel, who presented at our last MeetUp in Bucks to present for us in this group. I am just gauging interest at this stage and have yet to select a date (but it will be in June) or location (but it will be Zone 1) **PLEASE RSVP IF THE EVENT WOULD BE OF INTEREST** Thanks and please find details below. I'm pleased to say we've a very experienced Blockchain Consultant, who's kindly giving his time to us. Please find below details of the Presenter and Topic. Blockchain in the real world: case study of a successful blockchain project For all of it's transformative potential, blockchain is very much in the worst part of the hype curve. At current count, there are over 12,000 startups who claim to be working on blockchain based solutions. The vast majority of these will fail, and there is still far more talk than action. In our next meetup, we will present the story of a blockchain project that actually completed. The speaker, Areiel Wolanow, led this project: a trade finance prototype for a major global bank. He will talk us through how it was sold, how it was delivered, and how some of the thornier business and technical issues were addressed along the way. Areiel was until recently IBM's blockchain services leader for the ASEAN region. In addition to his sales and delivery responsibilities in this role, Areiel had a shaping role in IBM's blockchain capability development plans, and personally advised central banks and financial regulators on blockchain adoption. We are very happy to have him join our meetup I for one am very excited to hear from Areiel as he's one of the few people to have launched a Blockchain application. As before please do let us know of your attendance ASAP Thanks to all. Regards Ed.

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