What we're about

Have you ever been told you are an old soul? Do you intuitively know it in your bones? Do all things esoteric, shamanic, or mystical call to you?

Are you waking up or receiving downloads?

Do you feel like an outsider in consensus reality?

Do you desire authenticity and solitude?

Are you looking for a deeper meaning in your life? Are you searching or finding truth, wisdom, or love?

Do you ponder the bigger picture? Are you contemplative or philosophical in nature?

Have you encountered a loss of a sense of self? Are you experiencing confusion from this new way of being in the world?

Come share your insights, experiences, or inquiries with a circle of like-minded beings. Feel free to bring reading passages, instruments, songs, poems, art, spoken word, tarot cards, totems, meaningful objects, etc. This is a place for non-dogmatic healing, connecting, and co-creating a deeper understanding and belonging.

I will lead some holistic exercises but only in service of you discovering the same light which exists within your own being 🕉 Your true divine birthright.

This circle is free of charge. If you would like to make donations that would be much appreciated to cover the cost of venue, materials and food.

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Ancient Wisdom Drum Journeying

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